The Rosa Parks Scholarship Competition

The Intercultural Center is pleased to announce the recipients of the 30th Annual Rosa Parks Scholarship Competition. This year’s award winners are no exception to the standard that was built by previous recipients, who addressed the ideas of multiculturalism and pluralism in today’s society.


Kyle Licht

Senior, Dual Major Narrative Video Production & Auteur Film Production

Screenplay: “Less Than 100 Years Ago” 

Stachy Saint-Gerard

First Year, Theatre Arts Major

Song: “BGM” 

Solamon Quigley

First Year, Visual Arts & New Media, Film & Video Major

Video: “Remote”

Rosa Parks Scholarship Competition Guidelines

Is there a social injustice that you would like to discuss or expose— national, or global in scope? Would you like to teach our campus community some way in which the world could be a better place? Established in 1989 by Dr. Vivian Garcia, the Rosa Parks Scholarship was designed to give all students of The State University of New York at Fredonia an opportunity to voice their opinion on the subjects of social injustice, cultural perspective, and activism. Submissions may be entered in a number of ways but winners are generally students whose entries were provocative and original. Winning submissions take full advantage of the medium selected and have strong emotional and/or intellectual impact.


All currently enrolled students are eligible to participate in this competition, with the exception of previous Rosa Parks Scholarship winners and anyone who is a professional (defined as one who has been paid for any type of published work within the last five years). Awards are contingent upon the winner being able to present their entry on the day of the ceremony. 

The next competion will be held Fall 2019!

Submission Types Include (but not limited to):

Written Multimedia
Non-Fiction Multimedia Presentations
Research Papers Films/Videos
Fiction Dance
Short Stories Musical Compositions
Poetry Performance Art
Essays Paintings
  Comedy/Drama Presentations


  • All submissions must be accompanied by a completed entry form.
  • All entries must include a typed statement reflecting the content of the work.
  • The work must focus on multiculturalism or social justice.
  • Written submissions must be double-spaced, typewritten and must not exceed 10 pages.
  • All 2D/3D work must be submitted in its original form to the Intercultural Center.
  • Any performance or multimedia presentations must be submitted electronically on video and must not exceed 10 minutes.
  • All entrants' must agree to have their names publicly displayed.

*Please send submissions to or deliver in person to E125 Thompson Hall*

You may email Kim with additional questions or simply stop by E-125 Thompson Hall!


Three prizes of $350 will be awarded to the competition winners. Winners will receive awards and will present their work to the Fredonia community at the annual Rosa Parks Presentation and Award Ceremony.


Winners were announced the week of October 15th.

 October 24, 2018: Rosa Parks Scholarship Award Ceremony & Presentation, Horizon Room, 12-2pm







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