Interns working at computers in Innovation Design Studio

CIED Interns

Spring 2023 Interns

Jeremy Casso-Garica - Business Administration 

Headshot of intern Jeremy

Taylor Lemiszko - Graphic Design

Headshot of Taylor

Brianna Orologio - Marketing

Headshot of intern Bree

Braden Siebert - Sales 

Headshot of intern Braden

Cameron Reed - Finance & Accounting 

Headshot of intern Cameron Reed

Melaney Fajardo - Business Administration & Music Industry

Headshot of intern Melaney 

Fall 2023 Internship Information

Rosa Rodriguez Vargas - Business Administration

Picture of intern Rosa Vargas laying in a pile of fallen leaves

Jeremy Casso-Garica - Business Administration

Selfie of intern Jeremy Casso-Garcia

Trevor Gehen - Finance and Accounting

Headshot of intern Trevor Gehen

Joshua Cappadonia - Business Administration

Headshot of intern Joshua Cappadonia

Travis Langworthy - Finance & Business Administration 

Tylor Kroll - Business Administration & Client Projects 

Zackary Patmore - Business Administration & Marketing