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Students who participate in the SUNY Fredonia Student Business Pitch Competition are eligible to earn one academic credit hour (optional) by completing forty hours of relevant activities (see below for more information).

The winner of the contest will be selected by a panel of independent judges based on a business pitch presentation in December.

Participants will compete for a cash prize, business mentoring, and other incentives to support the development of a student business (see below for more information*).

SBC Fall 2022 Winner posing with certificate next his company's apparel

Student Business Competition Application


Coursework (totaling 40 hours) includes:

  • Participation in four workshops, two hours each. (8 hours total)
    • Effective Pitch Presentation
    • Using the Business Model Canvas
    • Developing Financials/Projections pro forma
    • Customer Discovery
  • Mentoring Sessions -- Meetings with Incubator mentors, Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR), and SUNY Fredonia Business Faculty (12 hours)
  • Weekly reflection, progress reports (12 hours)
  • Participation in the Pitch Competition event, peer evaluations (3 hours)
  • Self-directed study (5 hours)


*Participants in the SUNY Fredonia Student Business Competition will have access to:

  • Cash Prize for competition winner to go towards business - $1,200
  • Complimentary office space for one year
  • Assistance with applications for business competitions in spring, such as NYS Student 2 Biz, Buffalo Startup Weekends, etc.
  • Access to office and meeting space at the Fredonia Technology Incubator (located in the waterfront district of Dunkirk)
  • Spring Entrepreneurial Internship at the Incubator – make the fall project a reality and develop your startup through this 3-credit internship
  • Summer Entrepreneurial Fellowship Program- 6 weeks in summer to develop an entrepreneurial project- $1,200 stipend
  • Access to the Incubator's Innovation Design Studio



Preparing Your Pitch


Fall Semester

  • Jolyenna “Jojo” Johnson - Jawnz: Founder and CEO Jojo is a Senior at Fredonia majoring in Business Administration. Jawnz’s mission is to address the gap in streetwear - limited female-founded brands. Jawnz offers authentic, diverse designs by women, for women - with all body shapes and sizes included.
  • Connor Raposa - C_R Photo: Connor is a Junior at Fredonia majoring in BFA Acting and minoring in Dance. C_R Photo specializes in professional, affordable headshots for actors by an actor. "Marketing is the key to getting your foot in the door, and I'm here to help you do that."

Group Photo of Lauri Gawronski, Jojo Johnson, Connor Raposa and Chuck Cornell

Pictured: Lauri Gawronski, Jojo Johnson, Connor Raposa, Charles Cornell

Fall Semester

  • Jeremy Casso-Garcia - Bluestripss Apparel (BSA): Bluestripss Apparel is a startup clothing brand with a focus on creating awareness pertaining to the comfortability individuals have within themselves. BLUESTRIPSS APPAREL CEO'S mission is to create apparel for all. Apparel in which every individual will have the opportunity to style the product in their own unique manner. Bluestripss Apparel offers a large range of fashionable products that attract individuals from different demographic backgrounds.

  • Cierra Vasquez - Late Night Bites: We are a mobile breakfast food truck that brings late night food options to the local Fredonia/ Dunkirk area. For late night dining, we pride ourselves on quality food and minimal wait times. 

  • Brandon Ortiz Fernandez - Sky Studio

Spring Semester

  • Jasmine Winns - I'd like to drop my own apparel line and to extend my current business on Instagram. My brand is based off the word "motivation" and my vision is to have it spelt in Bulgarian and have it spelt across the hoodies and whether I change the font, have puffy paint, 3D imprints, etc. I have all ideas written down. I'd also like to include satin inside the hoodies I'll be releasing because I know a lot of people care about their hair.

  • Olivia Gates, Brooke Strawder, Shainee Islam, Matthew Hill  - E-commerce website for Fredonia students, community and alumni. As an already established 501(c)3 our goal is to connect students with experiential learning opportunities allowing them to obtain real world business experience before leaving school. 

  • Rhiannon Evans - Rhi Rhi's Rings: Creating custom jewelry with natural gemstone, pearl, and wire.

  • Shania Brown - Creation of a digital marketing company

  • Josue Petion - Video Production company/studio


  • Shania Brown - Graphic Design & Screen-Printing Shop: I have a graphic design business on social media that has just been used as freelance work. I want to make this an actual business and obtain an LLC. As well as, in the future open a screen-printing shop.

  • Tyler Walsh, Alexander Aultman, Eric Najewski - Forest Entertainment: An independent record label that plants a tree for every album sale.

  • Dani Redeye & Kyle Johnson - Design & Print Shop & Service: to take the things that I am most passionate about and apply them to a career that I am willing and so excited to dedicate my entire life to.

  • Tamia Simmons - Zenith Threads: Designing fashion apparel that can remind my customers that they are always greater than they would like to believe, even at their worst.

  • David Neish - ModernEyes: B2B business that will provide effective options for businesses and entrepreneurs to grow the online presence of their business. 


  • Mohamed Kone - Love over Loyalty: Creating a clothing line

  • Lindsey Bowman, Sam Rowley, Benjamin Marcial, Arianna Silva and Shannon Lynch - Hot Bun: Creating an animation film and media creative hub 

  • Khris Dunn and Fay Patterson - Energy Society: Creating a collective through apparel

  • Olivia Soto and Niklas Dahlen - Lessons Learned: a performing arts school and Taylor Gates with the creation of an online source for students looking for music or dance lessons


  • Anais Cantres - This is my art Kickstarter. I want to offer my creative skills to locals in the area. I will offer artistic commissions, such as but not limited to, short animations (digital and or traditional), illustrations, editorial illustrative projects, paint parties and or caricature art sit ins to locals, small businesses and personal requests.

  • Rebecca Avorkliyah - An American food spot in Ghana

  • Ebenezer Johnson & Jordan Andrews - TheEbJoShow: Ebenezer and Jordan are two upcoming entertainers who have a joint Instagram page and YouTube channel where we post comedic videos. Also, we host different events and shows all over. We create films and want to keep on doing so as a way for us to get noticed so that we could feature in different television shows and/or movies. A goal is to have our own television show together one day. 

  • Justice Nauden - NATRILL: A high-end, streetwear fashion company. 

  • Johar Snella - My business would operate as an entertainment company for upcoming artists and creatives. We would publish/distribute music, sound recording,music production, music video direct, sell clothing as well as consult for artists by helping them follow the right footsteps in their career to succeed.

  • Tyler Walsh (team leader), Andrew Lerman - Our business is a record label that's mission statement is to give power back to the artists by providing them with the proper tools and resources to make their passion a career. With the rise of technology and free music platforms, such as Soundcloud, artists have gained more control, more now than ever. Our business drives to be the leading artist-friendly label by allowing the artist to retain the copyright to their music, taking low royalty cuts, and analyzing current trends and technology to find new innovative way to grow as a company.


  • John McIvor - WEIRDNESS:

  • Justice Nauden - Just Cold as Ice:

  • Stephen Sacco - Brumelia:

  • Abdullah Yusuf - JBN: Jiggy by Nature:

  • Madison Breslin - Makunema Productions:

  • Brandon Flores - Food Waste App:

  • Alex Czechowski & Nate Winn - Nexnest:

  • Jodie White - Sassy Brass Cleanings:

  • Nicole Haynes&Tanneh Senneh - Catered and Cultured:

  • Kermit Mitchell III - Resumaze:

  • Sara Kibbler - Comic book service:

  • Elizabeth Ring - Bridal Dress Rentals:

  • Aidan Licker - Last Call Entertainment:

  • Ryan Alonge - Children’s Play Museum 

  • Michael Gonzalez-Kelly, Virginia Croft, Ariel Arellano - ArcAtlas Records

  • Joshua Kuber - Truck Service Station

Center for Innovation & Economic Development (CIED)

  • 214 Central Avenue State University of New York at Fredonia Dunkirk, NY 14048