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When filling out your application for certification online at TEACH Online Services, you will be required to provide a Program Code. Please use the table below to find your program code for the appropriate degree you have completed. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Student Services.

Adolescence Science Education 7-12 32348 MAT GR
Bilingual Extension 33689 ADV CRT GR
Child Advocacy Studies NON CERTIFICATION 41143 ADV CRT GR
Curriculum and Instruction 24912 MSED GR
Educational Leadership 29166 ADV CRT GR

English Adolescence Education 

40686 BA/MA GR
English Language Arts 7-12 30648 MA GR

Language & Learning NON CERTIFICATION

37593 MA GR
Literacy Birth-12 24916 MSED GR
Math 7-12 24915 MSED GR
Math 5-9  24915 MSED GR
Music Education 30032 MM GR
Music Education (5 Year Program)  38329 MUS B/MM GR

School District Leadership  NON CERTIFICATION

33591 ADV CRT GR
Speech Language-Pathology 90027 MS GR
Adolescence Education: Biology 7-12 23156 BS UG
Adolescence Education: Chemistry 7-12 23157 BS UG
Adolescence Education: Earth Science 7-12 23160 BS UG
Adolescence Education: English Language Arts 7-12 23149 BA UG
Adolescence Education: French 7-12 23155 BA UG
Adolescence Education: Mathematics 7-12 23159 BA UG
Adolescence Education: Physics 7-12 23148 BA UG
Adolescence Education: Social Studies 7-12 23158 BA UG
Adolescence Education: Spanish 7-12 23154 BA UG
Childhood Education 1-6  23152 BSED UG
Childhood Inclusive/Childhood and St. w/ Disabilities  31761 BSED UG
Early Childhood Birth-2 23153 BSED UG
Early Childhood-Childhood Education  33236 BSED UG
Middle Childhood Specialist - Mathematics 5-9 24313 BS UG
Music 23150 MUS B UG
English Language Arts Grades 7-9 Extension There is no additional Program Code required for any Middle School Extension.  Please use the Program Code for your major.
Mathematics Grades 7-9 Extension
Social Studies Grades 7-9 Extension
Spanish Grades 7-9 Extension
French Grades 7-9 Extension

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