PC Build Lab


This project focussed on designing a cashier or Point of Sales system aimed at small pizza shops. It has the look and feel of a large corporation's cashier system, with almost none of the cost. The user interface has a touch screen appearance, which includes large buttons that can easily be hit by finger tips. However, it is not limited to touch screen only, traditional mouse and keyboard will work as well. Everything within the system is organized into sub-menus. For example, there are pizzas, subs, appetizers, specials, and drinks as sub-menu on the main menu, and each having its own sub-menu. The system also allows users to record their hours at work. When an order is submitted, a receipt can be be printed for the customer and cook. A database is also kept of the over-all transactions. This project was done entirely in Visual Basic.

Here are a few screens from the cashier system...

Pizza Shop

This is a screenshot of the main menu of the cashier system.

Time Clock

This is a screenshot of the timeclock screen used to punch in and out when an employee comes to and leaves work.

Pizza Menu

Here is the pizza menu used for selecting what type of pizza will be made.

Wings Menu

This is the wings menu for selecting all the different flavors of wings available.

NameAndNumber Menu

This is a screenshot of the virtual keyboard created for entering who has created the order.