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BA in Music

BA in Music

The Bachelor of Arts in Music is a flexible program that provides the student an opportunity for a broad liberal arts education alongside a strong musical one. While our Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Science degree programs have very precise course requirements, the Bachelor of Arts programs are constructed in a way that allows each student to sculpt their own broad-based curriculum through their time at Fredonia. When deciding whether to pursue a B.M. or a B.A. the student should have in mind specific learning goals and career aspirations.


The School of Music offers five tracks of specialization within the B.A. degree:

General B.A.: Students explore subjects in and beyond music while fully developing musicianship skills through four years of hour-long lessons and performance study, culminating in a senior capstone recital.

Jazz Studies: Students build their skills in jazz performance alongside traditional concert performance practice on their instrument or voice as well as improvisation, theory, arranging, and knowledge of the professional field, culminating in a senior capstone recital.

Entrepreneurship: Students use their leadership, ingenuity, and desire for creative autonomy to forge an independent career path, culminating in a senior capstone project..

Technology: This track provides a foundation for students interested in a variety of fields related to music technology through preparation for future professional or further academic study at the graduate level, culminating in a senior capstone project.

History and Literature: Designed for students who are interested in thinking, writing, and teaching about music in the broader frame of aesthetics, history, literature, and criticism culminating in a senior capstone project, this track is for those who are generally interested in arts scholarship, intellectual analysis, and the humanities.


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