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Ohio & Pennsylvania residents are eligible for a $6,000 Good Neighbor Award

Discover a nurturing, inclusive environment that supports your individual passions and path in a setting that is now more affordable than some of the largest public institutions in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Residents of Ohio and Pennsylvania are eligible for a $6,000 Good Neighbor Award (equally distributed $3,000 each semester) from Fredonia to reduce their out-of-state tuition.  This award is for all residents of the above states or those who attend their last two years of High School in OH or PA; and who do not qualify for in-state tuition in New York. This award is renewable for all four years at Fredonia to increase the affordability of a college education.


SUNY Fredonia's out-of-state tuition: $16,980.  But with the Good Neighbor Award, annual out of state tuition at Fredonia is now $10,980. That means Fredonia's annual tuition is more affordable than most public institutions in Ohio and Pennsylvania!

Not only is Fredonia more affordable, it's also closer than you think! We're just a short drive along Interstate 90!

  • 45 minutes from Buffalo, NY
  • 1 hour from Erie, PA
  • 1 1/2 hours from Toronto, CA
  • 2 1/2 hours from Pittsburgh, PA
  • 2 1/2 hours from Cleveland, OH

  • Be enrolled at Fredonia as a full-time undergraduate student in the 2022-23 school year
  • Not be eligible for in-state tuition and be a resident of Ohio or Pennsylvania; or have spent the last two years of high school and have graduated from an Ohio or  Pennsylvania high school. 
  • Must maintain good standing with the university
  • First-year students are eligible to get the award for four years, and transfer students can receive the award for up to three years.             

First-year students who are receiving the Good Neighbor Award are also considered for additional Academic index awards which can range from $2,000-5,000 depending on high school GPA and test scores. 

  • Presidents Award for Excellence- $5,000 for students who have at least a 95 GPA.
  • Fredonia Scholar Award- $3,500 for students who have at least a 93 GPA. 
  • Dean’s Scholar Award- $3,000 for students who have at least a 90 GPA.
  • Fredonia Promise Award- $2,000 for students who have at least an 85 GPA.

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