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Student Business Competition

Student Business Competition 

Finalists will be selected based on the content of the applications received. Selected finalists will have an opportunity to attend any scheduled FTI workshops and receive technical support. Winner of the contest will be selected by a panel of independent judges based on a business pitch presentation in April. Prizes include: $1,200 Paid Entrepreneurial Stipend, office space and FTI support services, and business mentor.

SBC Finalists

  • Brandon Texido seeks to expand his magic website to include everything magic related.
  • Casey Huber intends to create a think tank to help humanitarian organizations.
  • Gary Skyes and his partner Marcus Ryan want to start clothing line business.
  • Immanuel Mellis looks to start a digital public library.
  • Khris Dunn and Fay Patterson want to start a collective through apparel.
  • Kirk Allen wants to bring new life to an ancient chess game.
  • Lindsey Bowman, Sam Rowley, Benjamin Marcial, Arianna Silva and Shannon Lynch are seeking to create an animation film and media creative hub. 
  • Max Lee, Simon Duncan, Lizz Knasick, Serene Benson, Maggie Ralph, Keri Manne, Natalie Rose Marino, Emily Broderick, Charles Fuller, Amber Rose, Addison Dursi, Liv, Mike Deland, and Garrett with a visual and artistic driven magazine.
  • Mohamed Kone has started a clothing line.
  • Olivia Soto and Niklas Dahlen with a performing arts school and Taylor Gates with the creation of an online source for students looking for music or dance lessons.


Applications DUE - December 11, 2020
Finalists selected - January/February 2021
Final pitch to judges - Spring 2021
Winners announced - Spring 2021
Move into office - Spring 2021


Preparing Your Pitch

Apply Here