Bear Lake Sampling

Major equipment for Ecology and Organismal Biology

Ecology Instruments Ecology Instruments Ecology Instruments

Hydrolab multiprobe
Sediment coring equipment (gravity, percussion, piston corers)
Microscopes (compound, inverted, dissecting) dedicated for aquatic samples
Inflatable SB275 boat, with removable floorboards, for sampling
van Dorn water sampler
Ecology InstrumentsField filtering manifold
Plankton nets
Secchi disks
YSI multiprobe
Eckman dredge, PONAR dredge
Surber sampler
2 kayaks
24’ Pontoon Boat, 35 HP outboard
Dodge 2500 ¾ ton four wheel drive aquatic research vehicle
Coffelt backpack electrofishing unit
Radiotelemetry tracking equipment
YSI65 and YSI85 water quality probes
Anechoic chamber
Phytoplankton settling chambers