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LifesyncProject LifeSync is a short but complete program to organize all the important digital aspects of student life. It includes buttons to synchronize your contacts, calendar events, and favorite websites. It also includes a calculator that will calculate your G.P.A. The system has five main components:

Customizability: Users can change window colors, opacity and buttons. The mini version of LifeSync is also available if the user perfers a main window that is less space consuming. Users are also able to change the picture of the main window.

Contacts: The contacts module allows the user to create, delete, edit and save contacts into their own groups.

Checklist: The checklist module serves as a simple "to-do" list. It allows users to keep track of day to day errands and check them off as they are completed.

Calendar: The calendar module helps students stay organized by creating, editing and deleting events.

Calculator: The calculator module does basic math and calculates GPA's.

Contacts in Lifesync Favorites in Lifesync