School of Music College Symphony Orchestra in King Concert Hall


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Andrew Seigel, Associate Professor
I-Fei Chen
Elizabeth Widzinski

About the area:

The State University of New York at Fredonia’s clarinet studio is recognized and respected for its high level of education, its friendly and creative atmosphere, and its successful alumni.

The clarinet studio is usually comprised of about 35 students, mostly a mix of undergraduate music education, performance and therapy majors. Graduate clarinet students thrive here and will enjoy a multitude of opportunities (teaching, professional orchestral playing, etc.) to further their studies and career. The size of the clarinet studio allows for an encouraging group that enjoys healthy competition, but is small enough that everyone knows each other. There are three clarinet professors with a wide range of knowledge and experience. Students have access to each of the teachers and benefit from their collegial, cooperative approach to teaching. The clarinet students and teachers comprise a single, supportive studio with three professors and a fantastic collection of energetic and talented students.

All clarinet students receive a comprehensive education that is tailored to the needs of the specific student. Ultimately, our goal is to empower students to become healthy, well-rounded and self-reliant musicians. Independent thinking, self-analysis and strong communication skills are stressed from the very first lessons. Improving sound production, embouchure, articulation, technique, and musical interpretation are addressed in every lesson. Study materials are drawn from fundamental scale and etude repertoire, as well as clarinet solo, chamber and orchestral repertoire. Ensemble experiences in one of four bands, two orchestras, a clarinet ensemble and many chamber groups contribute to the rewarding music experience as a clarinet student at Fredonia.

Fredonia clarinet students have a long tradition of success. Recent graduates have won teaching positions and auditioned into prestigious graduate programs. Alumni are teaching at all levels and performing in major ensembles throughout the country.

Studying as a clarinet student at Fredonia’s School of Music is a vital first step on the path to a rich, successful and satisfying musical life.


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