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Giving to the Fredonia School of Music

Our renowned tradition of excellence comes in part from the generosity of our alumni and friends. Private gifts have established and maintained many of the gems of our program: student scholarships, speaker and performer series, student ensemble travel, outstanding equipment and facilities, and numerous cultural and educational programs for people of all ages in the community.

Your gift makes you a Friend of the School of Music

Financial gifts: No matter what the amount, your gift will make a difference, and automatically makes you a Friend of the School of Music.

In-kind gifts: some examples are musical instruments for use in the classroom and studios, and professional time and talents.

Talk to June Miller-Spann, our giving liaison at the Fredonia College Foundation, about any of the options above.

What's New

Your $1,000 pledge can help us shout it to the world!


The Ensemble Tour Fund, one of the 74 endowments that support the School of Music, was created by committed founders to enable our student ensembles to perform on tour-- whether in state, in-country, or internationally.

Traveling and performing as guests of honor in such places as China, Spain, Wales, Jamaica, and high schools across New York State have become highlights of the student experience, but our students often have to pay their own expenses to make these trips possible.

Our ambitious goal is to establish a sizable endowment built on $1,000 gifts (or pledges to give $250 annually for four years) from each donor. This fund will permanently showcase our talent around the world, opening up many more doors for our gifted students. Please become a friend of Music and give generously in support of our students and programs. Click here if you would like to help

La Boheme Hillman Opera

The annual Hillman Opera (La Boheme, above) is one of the many opportunities open to students thanks to generous donors.


June Miller-SpannOur giving liaison is June Miller-Spann of the Fredonia College Foundation. She has helped many donors make a unique difference to the Fredonia School of Music. Contact June by email or phone at 716-673-3321.
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