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Bachelor of Music in Performance

The Bachelor of Music in Performance is a concentrated course of study for those wishing to pursue a career as soloist, orchestral musician, opera singer, college-level applied music teacher, or other avenues as a professional musician. Performance majors receive an average of four hours credit each semester for applied study, and are required to perform junior and senior recitals. Besides the music core courses required of all music majors, Performance majors must complete 6 hours of coursework in music theory and history, plus 14 hours of electives in music or other fields. Those who earn the BM-Performance degree are fully qualified to enter quality graduate programs or pursue the musical career of their choice.

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Bachelor of Music in Music Education

The Bachelor of Music in Music Education has always been Fredonia's primary degree program. One facet of the program sets Fredonia apart from many similar schools - Music Education majors receive a 1-hour private studio lesson in their primary performance medium for 6 or 7 semesters, plus weekly master classes with the other members of their studio, all culminating in the required performance of a Graduation Recital. Private instruction is available, pending studio space, in secondary instruments. Music Education majors receive 4 semesters of instruction in conducting; instruction in the performance and pedagogy of woodwinds, brass, strings, and percussion; and instruction in music education foundations and methods from music education specialist faculty. Students are involved in hands-on teaching each year, culminating in semester-long student teaching. Music Education graduates are fully qualified to enter the workforce and pursue satisfying careers as music teachers.

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Multi-Award Degree in Music Education

The Music Education MusB/MM program (also called the Music Education Master's in Five) enables candidates to earn two separate degrees, the Bachelor of Music - Music Education and the Master of Music - Music Education, within as few as five years. Combined, these two music education degrees fulfill the academic requirements for New York Initial and Professional Certificates in Music Education. Candidates for this program attain admission to the Music Education Bachelor of Music degree program. Upon successful admission to Professional Standing and prior to beginning the student teaching semester, candidates in good standing may apply for the Music Education MusB/MM Program. Undergraduates accepted in the Music Education MusB/MM Program may begin graduate work during the senior year and complete the remaining requirements for the Master’s degree in as few as two semesters and one summer.

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Bachelor of Music in Composition

The Bachelor of Music in Composition offers instruction without a stylistic agenda. Each apprentice composer follows his/her own stylistic direction while developing professionally competitive musical insights and skills. Composition majors receive private composition lessons, composition seminars and master classes, and courses in electronic music, orchestration, and counterpoint. Elective courses in acoustics, aesthetics, arranging, and improvisation are also available. The culmination of the Composition major's college study is the completion of a composition recital in the senior year. Other opportunities for public performances of student compositions are afforded by ETHOS, a student-administered organization that offers four concerts per season. Graduates from Fredonia's BM-Composition program are employed in many facets of commercial music media, and many have been awarded assistantships and fellowships to study at major graduate schools.

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Bachelor of Science in Sound Recording Technology

The Bachelor of Science in Sound Recording Technology is based upon the belief that the audio engineer must be a musician with a broad range of scientific and engineering skills. SRT at Fredonia is a highly selective program that selects applicants on the basis of high academic and musical achievement. The program itself begins in the sophomore year. Graduates have a working knowledge of industry hardware; training and experience in monaural, stereo, and multitrack recording, as well as in live sound for different media; and experience in operations, maintenance, and management. Training is provided in analog and digital recording and editing, sound reinforcement, automation, and signal processing. Juniors assist senior production projects, and seniors produce the equivalent of half an album. Facilities include 8- and 24-track studios and ancillary work rooms. SRT students provide recording services for the School of Music, the community, and the region.

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Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy

The Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy program at Fredonia provides professional training for entry-level employment in all areas of music therapy: psychiatric institutions, developmental centers, special education programs, nursing homes, general health-care hospitals, correctional facilities, and private practice. The curriculum is based on the concept that a music therapist is a proficient musician who integrates a broad range of psychological and clinical skills into practical work. Students complete an intense four-year program plus a clinical internship of at least six months. Upon completion of all degree requirements, students are eligible for professional membership in the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA), to sit for the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT), and to become a Board Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC).

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Bachelor of Arts in Music (Music-Applied Bachelor of Arts degree)

The Bachelor of Arts in Music (with five tracks) is intended for students who desire a background in the liberal arts, while specializing in one of five distinct areas of music:

The first two years of the program are general, as is common in most music degrees, while exploration and career direction intensifies in the final two years.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre is an interdisciplinary degree program between the School of Music and the Department of Theatre and Dance for students who demonstrate excellence or the potential for excellence in musical theatre careers. The audition for the program requires selections in voice, acting and dance. BFA-Musical Theatre students receive fours years of weekly 1-hour private lessons in voice, two years of acting instruction, two years of music theory, one year of theatre technical and design work, other coursework in music and theatre design, as well as instruction in dance. Students have the opportunity to participate in a fully staged opera each year, as well as a musical production and opera scenes.

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