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This document will help you determine whether you are on-target and involved in your career planning/job search. The way you respond to the following statements may yield some important clues. If something is unclear or new to you, look further into it. As time passes, refer back to your responses to see if you are progressing! You may find it more useful to print the Career Planning Checklist PDF to take notes and track your progression.


❑ I can name the tasks or activities (work-related and from other aspects of my life) that I enjoy most.
❑ I can list at least five of my best skills that could be used in the workplace.
❑ I can identify skills that I would like to acquire or improve.
❑ I can articulate what I expect to gain from my education.
❑ I have identified workplace characteristics (work values) that are important to me.
❑ I have used MyPlan and met with a career counselor to assist with the above issues.


❑ I can identify occupational areas, including job titles, that might fit my interests and abilities.
❑ I know what educational preparation and/or experience is required for these occupations.
❑ I can describe the typical daily tasks and activities for the position(s) I am considering.
❑ I can name five kinds of employers that might hire a person with my background and goals.
❑ I can describe characteristics of a work environment in which I would be happiest/most productive.
❑ I know of deficiencies I have that might make it difficult to succeed in these occupations and ways to correct them/add to my skill base.
❑ I have talked to at least three people who are working in my potential occupation(s) to learn about what they do on a daily basis and any advice they have for me, and to make connections (network).


❑ I have declared a major.
❑ I have identified elective coursework that will provide support for my occupational choices.
❑ I have investigated internships related to my career options.
❑ I am involved in activities related to my major or that will develop relevant skills for my future career.
❑ I have researched volunteer or summer/part-time employment possibilities related to my career choices.
❑ I have joined or will join relevant campus/local/regional/national professional associations.
❑ I have a well written, attractively formatted resume that I continually update as I have new experiences.

JOB SEARCH (both professional jobs and internships)

❑ I can clearly state my immediate and possible long-term career goals.
❑ I can identify a number of employers who hire people in my occupational area.
❑ Studies show that 80% of all jobs are not advertised. I know how to locate these unadvertised vacancies.
❑ I can name four resources for advertised job vacancies. (Note: in addition to FREDNetwork, the CDO’s job listing system, find ideas on CDO’s website.)
❑ I have written an effective resume(s) for the occupation(s) I intend to pursue.
❑ I have drafted a general cover letter and know how to target it to specific organizations and positions.
❑ I have created a LinkedIn profile and considered how my social media activity can affect my outcomes.
❑ I have asked people to serve as references and/or write letters of recommendation on my behalf.
❑ I have prepared a portfolio or demo tape, as appropriate.
❑ I have thoroughly researched each organization to which I intend to apply.
❑ I have attended campus/local/regional/national in-person and virtual job fairs appropriate for my goals.


❑ I have learned about the interview process by reading CDO handouts and from other informational sources.
❑ I am familiar with different interview formats and questions that may potentially be asked.
❑ I have learned some ways to improve my interviewing skills.
❑ I have practiced interviewing using InterviewStream and/or with a career counselor.
❑ I can effectively communicate to a potential employer why that organization should consider hiring me.


❑ I have a career objective which requires an advanced degree.
❑ I have discussed my plans for additional study with faculty, career counselors, and/or my network of professionals working in my potential career field.
❑ I have identified colleges/universities that offer the graduate program I am seeking.
❑ I can identify the characteristics I am seeking in a graduate program.
❑ I have prepared for and taken (or am scheduled to take) the appropriate admissions examinations.
❑ I have investigated possible graduate assistantships and sources of financial assistance, if needed.
❑ I have asked for feedback (suggestions) on the drafts of my application essays.

NEXT STEPS: Schedule a time to talk with a career counselor!
Call the CDO at 716-673-3327 or submit an appointment request form at