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Fredonia has consistently ranked among the best in college surveys by U.S. News & World Report, Money Magazine, and Kiplinger’s. At Fredonia, we set high standards for our students, and ensure their success by offering programs based on academic excellence, quality interaction with world renowned faculty, and an exciting, dynamic environment for learning.

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Option 1: Call or email the Internship Coordinator to discuss your ideas and receive personalized feedback on how to develop an exciting position description and educational opportunity.
Option 2: Complete the online Internship Position Description form (see below for print versions) and submit this to the Career Development Office.
Option 3: Create an employer account in FREDNetwork, the CDO's web-based system to post your internship (and/or job) opportunities.

Benefits to Sponsoring Organizations

  • Get the help you need with qualified interns from over 80 undergraduate academic disciplines and 31 graduate degree programs
  • Interns bring expertise and fresh perspectives, enabling your organization to benefit from innovative student assistance
  • Visibility of your organization is increased on campus
  • An opportunity to undertake special projects or short-term assignments
  • Identify and evaluate potential employees
  • Give back to the community, generating goodwill and valuable experiences for students

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Use this form to post your internship position descriptions. Complete the form online or return a printed form to the CDO to list your internship in FREDNetwork.

TIP: Think about how your position relates to specific majors or career areas and what skills you can help a student develop during his/her internship experience. This is a great opportunity to give back; whether the internship is paid or unpaid, students appreciate the feedback, advice and referrals!

**Note: Unpaid internships are reviewed using the Department of Labor’s (DOL) 7 Criteria Test.


An internship is a learning experience at an organization in a position related to a student’s major or career field. Internships may be full or part-time, paid or unpaid, for credit or non-credit, and vary in length from a summer to a semester, or even an academic year. The purpose is to further the student's academic goals and to involve the intern productively in the work of the host organization while integrating classroom studies.


The process of intern selection is determined by the employing organization. Some organizations require a cover letter and resume, some ask prospective interns to complete a formal application, and others expect the student to call and set up a personal interview. The selection process should include an understanding of the experiences sought by the student, as well as the specific activities which will be made available by the organization. These should be clarified and included in the internship description.

LEARNING CONTRACT FOR EXPERIENTIAL EDUCATION - Fillable PDF(download the document before entering data, then Save As)

The Learning Contract includes a summary of the internship job or position requirements, learning objectives and the method of evaluation. The intern should complete the Learning Contract in conjunction with both the Site Supervisor and Faculty Sponsor. Credit is awarded on the basis of the knowledge gained and skills developed during the internship, and on the basis of the student’s performance as an intern.


As an employer hosting an intern, you or someone at your organization would be designated a Site Supervisor. Evaluation responses from the Site Supervisor will be used in conjunction with Faculty Sponsor (Professor) requirements to provide a grade for the internship experience.

SITE SUPERVISOR MID-TERM EVALUATION FORM - A google form link will be EMAILED from the Internship Coordinator (CDO) with the completed learning contract

TIP: Use the learning objectives listed on your intern's Learning Contract to start a conversation and provide feedback on their progress and goals for the remainder of the experience. Consistent, timely and frequent feedback is encouraged to maximize success of both the student and business.

SITE SUPERVISOR FINAL EVALUATION FORM - A google form link will be EMAILED from the Internship Coordinator (CDO) with the completed learning contract

TIP: Discuss positively the intern’s strengths and areas of improvement as they advance in their college career and beyond. Setup a system for transition before the student finishes their work with the business. As applicable, provide the student with advice, or referrals for future achievements.

A complete description of the Internship Program and requirements can be found in the Internship Handbook. The print version is available upon request.

Download Adobe Acrobat ReaderDownload Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF files.

Questions? Contact the Internship Coordinator at 716-673-3327 or via email.

Fredonia does not discriminate illegally in any aspect of its college life because of race, color, sex, age, religion, marital or veteran status, sexual orientation, or non-job-related handicap, nor does it as a matter of policy do business with employers who do so discriminate.

View our Employer Recruiting Policy and Fredonia's Virtual Internship Policy for more information.

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