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Current Credentials File Users

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See Change in CREDENTIALS FILE POLICY - beginning September 2018

Why is Fredonia transitioning to self-managed credentials?
As technology has advanced in recent years, many employers have developed online application systems and are requiring applicants submit all materials (resume, cover letter, transcript, and letters of recommendation) electronically. Because it is more practical, time-efficient, and cost effective for candidates to maintain their own job search documents, the Career Development Office will no longer establish new Credential Files for seniors or alumni, nor will we accept new letters written for existing files. We will continue to service existing active files, while encouraging users to move toward self-managing the documents in their job search.

The technology involved in the modern day job search requires job seekers to be in charge of their documents, able to upload or send them efficiently, and without a third party where there may be a delay and related cost involved.  Nationwide, many other career services offices have already made this move to self-management.

How do I obtain a copy of my credentials for my self-managed file?

I have confidential letters, and I don't know how to contact the authors. How can I get copies of my letters released?
Unfortunately, if you have a confidential letter, we cannot release it without permission from the letter writer. Since many confidential letters contain older, outdated material, it may be in your best interest to obtain new letters from more recent employers. You can also arrange to have your file transferred to another university that you attended, or to a commercial service. (Please note that we are not endorsing a particular company, but it is an option.)

How do I find out if my letters are non-confidential or confidential?
You may contact the CDO in person, by phone (716-673-3327), by postal mail, or by email with inquiries about your file.

What about my transcript or teacher licensure information?
Unofficial copies of the transcript can be printed from Your Connection. To request an official copy of your transcript, contact Fredonia's Registrar's Office:

Teacher Certification questions can be directed to the Office of Student Services in the College of Education at, or directly to the NYS Education Department website at

Will this change to a self-managed system negatively impact my chances of being considered for a position, or accepted to a program?
No, we do not anticipate any adverse effects as a result of this change. Many other universities have switched to a self-managed system, and they have not encountered any opposition from employers.

What should I do if an employer/graduate program requests that my credential file come from Fredonia?
Explain to them that Fredonia no longer manages credential files, and that you have all the necessary materials in your possession. If they still have questions, direct them to the Career Development Office so that we may assist you.

Retention Policy for CDO Credentials Files: (1997)
Please note that modifications to the statement below are anticipated. It is intended that our policy will be updated and that these educational records will be retained for 7 years from the graduation date of the candidate.

The file is the property of the university and is maintained for your use for thirty years from the date of your first degree from SUNY Fredonia.  We reserve the right to destroy files that are older than 30 years that have not been active within five years, unless we hear from you by September 1st of the year the file is to be destroyed.  File activity includes adding letters of reference, sending the file out, or correspondence regarding file contents.


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