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Finding Jobs Online

Finding Jobs Online

There are generally four types of places to search for jobs on the Internet. Refer to the job search chart for more information.


With so many options, figuring out which sites will work best for your search is a challenge, particularly if you hope to post your resume with a site. It is critical that you thoroughly research each site you visit, asking yourself the following questions.

General questions about the site:
  • Does this site have jobs for ME?
  • Are the jobs dated (so I know what's OUT-dated)?
  • How often are information and jobs updated?
  • Who runs this service, and can I contact them easily if I have problems?
  • Do I know anyone who's used this service?
  • Is there a fee; if so, is it worth it?


Questions regarding resume posting:
  • Does this resume bank specialize in my field, or several different fields?
  • How big is the talent pool? (Larger pool = greater chance of employers using it)
  • What kind(s) of employers use this site?
  • Do employers have direct access to the resumes? (yes = good)
  • Can you get feedback on how many times your resume was viewed and/or downloaded?
  • How secure will your resume (and other information) be? READ THE PRIVACY/SECURITY STATEMENTS!




There are some easy strategies you can use to make your online search successful.

  • Follow the organization's or web site's instructions carefully!
  • Spell out your qualifications clearly (use the job description whenever possible).
  • Keep your resume up-to-the-minute current.
  • Target specific companies and visit their web sites often.
  • If you're referred for a job by someone, find out how your referral wants you to apply and approach the employer.


With the increasing popularity of social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook, job seekers are finding that employers now have another way of learning about candidates. Employers have been known to access candidate profiles on these sites and use the information they find to make hiring decisions. In fact, offers have been revoked on the basis of these profiles. It is very important that candidates take the following precautions.

  • "Google" yourself. What's out there about you, and what can you do about it? What is your name associated with?
  • Don't just check your privacy settings on resume posting sites, social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and blogs. If you don't want an employer to see what's there, TAKE IT DOWN!


There are so many places to look online that job seekers frequently make the mistake of thinking that ALL jobs can be found on the web. This is not true. The internet should only be used as one part of an overall job search plan, strategies for which can be found in Job Search handouts.