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Internships - Getting Academic Credit

Internship Program - Getting Academic Credit

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Internships for academic credit...

Am I eligible?

To be eligible to earn internship credit at Fredonia, you must have:

  • earned at least 30 credit hours
  • a minimum GPA of 2.0

Credit limits

The maximum number of internship credit hours usually allowed toward your 120 hour degree should not exceed 24. You should also check with your department's guidelines on internship credit.

​Your Faculty Sponsor

Your department selects its own internship faculty sponsor(s) for each year. You must notify the department-assigned faculty sponsor if you choose a different faculty sponsor. Your Learning Contract for Experiential Education is your written understanding of expectations among you, your faculty sponsor, and your internship site supervisor.

​Your Site Supervisor

Your site supervisor provides on-site training, assigns job duties and supervises you. To avoid impropriety and conflict of interest, your site supervisor and faculty sponsor may not be the same person, nor may your supervisor be someone related by blood or marriage.

Next steps...

  1. Follow this checklist to begin the process of setting up your internship.

All academic departments encourage some type of experiential education experience!