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Internship Checklist for Credit

Internship Program - Checklist for Credit

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Follow these steps to get credit...

  1. Contact your advisor and Faculty Sponsor to confirm departmental requirements for internships.
  2. Determine if you are eligible (minimum GPA of 2.0 and completion of at least 30 credit hours).
  3. Schedule an appointment at the CDO to explore options, identify internship opportunities, apply for internships of interest, develop effective resumes and cover letters, and polish your internship/job seeking and networking skills.
  4. Apply for several internship opportunities. Interview with the host Site Supervisor (if required).
  5. Follow up with your Faculty Sponsor after you have been selected for an internship.
  6. Understand how many hours you must work to earn the credit you register for. (1 credit hour = 40 clock/work hours, SPMG requires 67 clock/work hours per 1 credit hour).
  7. Complete the Learning Contract for Experiential Education and obtain signatures. The contract is most typically completed by the student intern first, followed by the Site Supervisor, and then Faculty Sponsor.
  8. Register for the internship course with your department.
  9. Submit your completed and signed Learning Contract for Experiential Education to the Internship Coordinator at the CDO, Gregory Hall, 2nd Floor.
  10. During your internship, complete and submit your Mid-term and Final Evaluation Forms to your Faculty Sponsor according to the schedule dates listed on the Learning Contract for Experiential Education. Submit your journals, papers, or other required documents to your Faculty Sponsor. 

Contact the CDO at (716) 673-3327 or stop by to schedule an appointment, obtain a Learning Contract, and find potential internship site locations.