School of Music College Symphony Orchestra in King Concert Hall

Double Bass


Kieran Hanlon, Assistant Professor

Lessons and Recital Seminar

Double bass study at Fredonia includes a one-hour lesson weekly for both music education and performance majors. In our weekly recital seminar, we meet as a bass studio, and on alternate weeks with all the strings to perform for each other. We provide a nurturing atmosphere at Fredonia, and keep our studio climate one that is supportive and positive. Mr. Hanlon is an experienced performer in many genres including professional orchestras, chamber music, jazz, and on electric bass, among others. Mr. Hanlon also teaches courses on jazz improvisation and theory.


Our College Symphony Orchestra plays standard and progressive symphonic repertoire at a very high level, and the Chamber Orchestra performs a wide variety of selections including contemporary works and historically informed performances of baroque and classical masterpieces. All students may participate in chamber music ensembles, and sometimes in bass ensembles, with regular coaching by our faculty. Our wind bands provide an opportunity for bassists to participate in an additional ensemble with rewarding and challenging bass parts. Participation in these ensembles is by audition, but there are always numerous extra-curricular opportunities for bassists. There are also a variety of jazz ensembles available for bass students including big bands, combos, Latin jazz ensemble, and rhythm section playing for jazz vocalists. Bassists at Fredonia also enjoy the Fredonia Bass Society, a student-run organization open to demographics across campus that focuses on promoting, teaching, and understanding both the double bass and the electric bass.

Career Prospects

Many of our graduates go on to teach in public schools, especially in the state of New York, and some have gone on to distinguished careers as professional musicians in symphony orchestras and as jazz performers. Our graduates are admitted to some of the best and most competitive graduate schools in the country. With our outstanding practice facilities and fine faculty throughout the music curriculum, our students are able to attain their full potential for growth and development and are able to go on to successful careers.


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