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International Admission Requirements | Complete Application Requirements

Basic Application Requirements for all Programs

  1. Cumulative GPA: 3.0 (may be offered conditional admission for lower GPA)
  2. Online application
  3. Statement of Intent
    • Minimum: 1 page (no maximum)
      • For Speech-Language Pathology, please include the following content in your statement of intent:
        • Briefly describe 3 scholarly and personal qualities that will make you a successful graduate student.

        • Briefly describe any relevant educational, professional or employment experiences that may help you become successful in the graduate program. Be specific as to the experience or opportunity and give an example of how the activity prepared you for graduate school. These experiences could include but are not limited to employment, academic coursework, volunteer experiences, shadowing professionals, study in other fields, research experiences or other degrees. 

        • Describe any specific academic achievements or experiences such as independent studies, or courses that have helped to develop your interests?

    • Topic: Educational and professional strengths and goals
    • Address to: Admissions committee
  4. Resume
  5. Two recommendation letters
    • Online (preferred): see application for details
    • Offline: both letter and form are required
  6. Transcripts
    • Unofficial transcripts accepted for review
    • Upload to application; send to Graduate Studies if file is too large
    • Institution name must appear on document

Master of Arts

Master of Music

Master of Science in Education

The GRE is required for all Education programs. If you haven't taken the GRE, you may be admitted with the condition that you take the GRE within the first semester of graduate work at Fredonia.

Master of Science

Certificate of Advanced Study

Non-Degree Studies


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