Music Therapy, M.M.


The Master of Music Therapy program requires completion of 48 credit hours of graduate-level courses. This includes the core music graduate curriculum, core music therapy courses and mental health courses (Psychopathology and Developmental Psychology). The program offers music therapists the opportunity to advance and deepen their music therapy skills, knowledge and practice to meet the Advanced Competencies of the American Music Therapy Association and to prepare to become Licensed Creative Art Therapists (LCAT) in New York State. Opportunities for advanced training include Guided Imagery and Music, Advanced Clinical Improvisation and Vocal Psychotherapy.


Program Outline

MUS 521 Music Bibliography
MUS 624 Analytic Techniques
MUTY 505 Foundations of Advanced Music Therapy I
MUTY 605 Foundations of Advanced Music Therapy II
MUTY 510 Advanced Guitar Class for Music Therapists
MUTY 518 Advanced Clinical Piano Improvisation
MUTY 520 Theory of Vocal Psychotherapy
MUTY 530 Introduction to Guided imagery and Music
MUTY 620 Vocal Psychotherapy Practice
MUTY 630 Theory and Practice in Guided Imagery and Music
MUTY 640 Clinical Applications to GIM Theory and Practice (elective)
MUED 514 Psychology of Music
MUED 522 Psychological Research in Music
MUTY 570 Psychopathology
MUTY 560 Lifespan Developmental Psychology
MUTY 590 Special Studies (as advised)
MUTY 550 lnternship in Music Therapy
MUTY 650 Advanced Practicum in Music Therapy 
MUED 695 Thesis/Final Project


Total Credit Hours for Program Completion: 48


Baccalaureate degree in Music Therapy (or equivalent) at an accredited institution.

Board Certification (or pending) with the Certification Board for Music Therapists.

A minimum of 3.0 GPA preferred.

Two letters of recommendation: one from a clinical supervisor, and one from an academic source (i.e. professor or advisor)

A completed graduate application.


Dr. Heeyoun Cho
Program Coordinator

School of Music Website


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