Speech Pathology

Contact Communication Disorders

The Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences and the Henry Youngerman Center for Communication Disorders offer many diverse and comprehensive academic, clinical and community based opportunities. The following are the contact sources for these programs.

General Information & Requests for Program Materials

Department Chair and Undergraduate Admissions Coordinator
Kevin Kearns, Ph.D., 716-673-3202; Kevin.Kearns@fredonia.edu

Clinic Director, Henry Youngerman Center for Communication Disorders
Julie Williams, M.S., CCC-SLP, 716-673-3203; Julie.Williams@fredonia.edu

ASHA Program Director
Bridget A. Russell, Ph.D., 716 673-4616; Bridget.Russell@fredonia.edu

Graduate Advisor
Tim Overbeck, M.S., CCC-SLP, 716-673-3202; Overbeck@fredonia.edu

Preschool Program Coordinator, Youngerman Center Preschool Program
Melissa Hooper, M.S., CCC-SLP, 716-673-4676; Melissa.Hooper@fredonia.edu

Administrative Assistants
Tammy Bankoski, 716-673-3202; Tammy.Bankoski@fredonia.edu
Bobbi Fisher, 716-673-3202; Bobbi.Fisher@fredonia.edu

Office Assistant (billing, insurance, or to schedule a clinical appointment)
Cynthia Szal, 716-673-3203; Cynthia.Szal@fredonia.edu

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