Speech Pathology

Strategic Planning

CDS Department Strategic Plan 2020-2026

The faculty and staff of the Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences are dedicated to developing, monitoring, and assessing all components of our program. A long-term strategic plan is monitored on an annual basis, meeting the 2017 Council on Academic Accreditation (CAA) 1.5 standard. The department holds a strategic planning meeting annually, during the spring semester, or as needed to discuss the implementation of targeted goals and needs for the successful continuing growth of the department’s academic and clinical components. The strategic plan is available to the graduate students in the orientation handbook. Alumni and other parties may view the strategic plan on the department’s web site.

Year 1 (2020-2021)
GOAL 1 Improve the Graduate Student Application Process by transitioning to the CSDCAS system
Objective 1.1 Increase the number of student applications

Objective 1.2 Fill the graduate class of 2021-2022

GOAL 2 Qualitative Graduate enrollment

Objective 2.1 Continue to offer Early Admission

Objective 2.2 Retain the majority of our Top 5% undergraduate students

Objective 2.3 Encourage Excellent Students to Apply for GA Positions

Year 2 (2021-2022)
GOAL 3 Map way forward for the Program

Objective 3.1 Successful Re-accreditation Site Visit

Objective 3.2 Review and update all Departmental, Youngerman Center Policies, Mission, Vision, and make adjustments where necessary

Objective 3.3 Update the Reed Library CDS Textbooks

Objective 3.4 Replace and Update all the Technology in the Student Lab and two Faculty offices and Labs that is over 5 years old.

Objective 3.5 Investigate Models of Sustaining the Audiology Clinic

Year 3 (2022-2023)
GOAL 4 Aligning Resources

Objective 4.1 Reinitiate a formal request for a clinic supervisor

Objective 4.2 Initiate Hire of a new Faculty member

Objective 4.3 Introduce Clinical Simulations Beginning During First Fall

Objective 4.4 Relook at the Number of Credits for Required Courses and Electives in the Program

Objective 4.5 Update Clinical Session Observation Rooms

Year 4 (2023-2024)

GOAL 5 Responsive Curriculum Development

Objective 5.1 Provide Research Round Tables to students

Objective 5.2 Develop Online Course Offerings

Objective 5.3 Provide Clinical Simulation Hours from First Fall

Objective 5.4 Teach Various Topics Through the Professional Seminars

Objective 5.5 Develop Alternative Courses in Line with new Trends and Standards

YEAR 5 (2024-2025)

GOAL 6 Creating a Foundation and a Culture

Objective 6.1 Increase Social Media Presence

Objective 6.2 Identify other Ways to Market the Youngerman Center

Objective 6.3 Host Annual ASHA CE Conference

Objective 6.4 Reach out to Alumni to Establish new Scholarships

Objective 6.5 Elucidate the Fredonia Experience through Pictures and Videos


YEAR 6 (2025-2026)

GOAL 7 Leveraging Technology

Objective 7.1 Update the clinical iPads (Annually)

Objective 7.2 Purchase New Apps

Objective 7.3 Transition Fully to Windows 10 (Ongoing)

Objective 7.4 Replace old Computer Rooms in Clinic Rooms

Objective 7.5 Explore Alternative Cost Effective Health Records Systems

Objective 7.6 Update Video and Camera Equipment

Objective 7.7 Reapply for AER funds to Replace Equipment in Faculty Labs

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