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2023-2024 Program Auditions

All audition/interview dates below for Fredonia's Bachelor of Fine Arts Programs (Acting, Dance, Musical Theatre, and Theatrical Production and Design) will take place both in person and remotely.

Admission to the Department

Students interested in any of the Department of Theatre and Dance's degree programs must be accepted to Fredonia through the general College Admissions processOnce accepted to the University, students wishing to declare the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Theatre Arts may do so without an audition.  Students seeking admission to any of the Department's pre-professional Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) programs must also audition or present a portfolio review in the year prior to entering Fredonia.  Audition requirements for each of the B.F.A. programs are listed below.  While prospective students may audition and/or interview for the B.F.A. programs at any time during their application process, no student will be admitted to a B.F.A. program until they have been academically accepted by the University.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) Audition Requirements

*These requirements pertain to on-campus  / remote auditions only. Students seeking admission to the B.F.A. programs in Acting and Musical Theatre must complete a required pre-screening process before scheduling an on-campus or remote audition.
Please see our Application & Audition Dates page for pre-screening instructions or to register for BFA Dance or BFA Theatrical Production and Design auditions.

BFA Acting     BFA Dance     BFA Musical Theatre

BFA Theatrical Production and Design

Information for International Students

International Students interested in the BFA performance programs, and for whom travel to Fredonia for an on-campus audition is impossible, may submit an audition via digital media.  Please contact the Department of Theatre and Dance for additional information on International applications to the Bachelor of Fine Arts Programs in Acting, Dance, Musical Theatre, and Theatrical Production and Design.

Additional Information

Audition or portfolio results are not released to prospective students unless they choose to attend Fredonia. Students not accepted to a B.F.A. program on their initial audition may re-audition one additional time, whether or not they are in residence at Fredonia. Any student in residence at Fredonia wishing to re-audition or re-submit a portfolio may view the results of their previous audition/interview and discuss those results with a member of the faculty so as to gain insight on where improvements need to be made.

Transfer students should audition/interview for the B.F.A. program of their choice in the semester before they intend to transfer. All B.F.A. programs generally require a minimum of three years for transfer students to complete.


Theatre & Dance

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