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Internship Resources

Internship Resources in the CDO

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Internship Resources

  • Your Internship - Find It, Go for It, Get It (video)
  • Big Green Internship Book - internships and summer jobs for the environment
  • Directory of Direct Marketing Summer Internships
  • Getting Your Ideal Internship
  • History Internship Book
  • International Internships & Volunteer Programs
  • Internships in International Affairs
  • Media Internship Guide
  • Music and Entertainment Industry Internship Guide
  • National Directory of Arts Internships
  • National Directory of Internships
  • NYC Summer Internship Guide
  • Peterson's Internships
  • Sports Internships Book
  • Summer Theater Directory
  • Summer Jobs and Internships listings in FREDNetwork (powered by Handshake)
  • Vault Guide to Top Internships
  • Women's Rights Internship Book

Other Sources for Potential Internship Opportunities

Directories and Subscriptions, such as:
  • Entertainment Employment Journal
  • The Job Seeker: Environmental Opportunities
Magazines, such as:
Job Choices:
  • Business & Liberal Arts
  • Diversity Edition
  • Science, Engineering & Technology