Speech Pathology

ASHA & NYS Certification Information

Praxis Exam

  • Please review the ASHA Praxis Guidance for any information regarding this exam and other certification requirements.
  • Several dates are available each month to complete the exam (5331). Most students take the Praxis in January, during the final semester of graduate school.
  • ASHA Requirements; Registration Link
  • Mandatory Recipient Codes:
    • 5331  - ASHA
    • RA0208 - State University of New York at Fredonia
  • Recommended Recipients Codes, as applicable:
    • 7747 - NYS Licensure Board. Send to licensing boards of states in which you intend to be employed.
    • 7737 - TEACH. To earn Professional Certification in New York State, results must be sent here.
  • Praxis Exam Practice
  • Praxis Fee Waiver Policies

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