College Symphony Orchestra in King Concert Hall



Jessica Tong

About the Area:

The violin studio at Fredonia consists of hour-long, weekly lessons (for both Performance and Music Education majors), a weekly master class, chamber music, and orchestra.

The performance opportunities for both the Music Education and Performance degrees are plentiful, culminating in a senior recital for Music Education students, and a junior and senior recital for performance students.

The studio lesson is where you learn the craft of the violin, how to practice, and ultimately how to teach yourself. The goal of the lesson is to learn to play your instrument as effortlessly as possible, and to interpret the great masterworks.

The recital seminar (or master class) is where we learn to perform. Music is, and always will be, a performing art. What we do on an instrument won't amount to much if it is not shared. Everyone in the violin studio, regardless of the degree program, is given equal attention and nurturing in the art of performing.

Chamber music is encouraged for all students. Playing in a quartet or a trio is the best place to learn to listen (a musician's most important skill), and stretch out beyond your own world. Weekly coachings are given culminating in a performance at the end of term.

The violin studio is a collaborative environment that challenges students to meet and exceed their personal goals and prepares violinists for the rigors of life as a professional musician.


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