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FEATURED INTERN:Gabrielle Corvest, photo - Summer 2021 intern

Gabrielle Corvest (Spanish & International Studies, Senior)
Economic Empowerment Intern
International Rescue Committee, Silver Springs, Maryland

"The internship was very hands-on, and I had the privilege to work directly with clients and learn in-depth how the refugee integration process works within the United States on a civil service level. This internship taught me successful cross-cultural and bilingual communication as well as improved my administrative skills. The internship helped me reach my career goals by providing me with real world experience, professional connections, and the necessary skills to work in international fields."

»

"Being an intern is a chance to give a fresh perspective to your employer and to hone your abilities. " Nolan Ahearn

»

Nolan Ahearn (Social Work, Senior)
Junior Admissions Counselor
SUNY Fredonia

Danial Ahmed"My summer internship at Arbor Realty Trust in Depew has overall been the best learning experience of my life. Every day, I was faced with new tasks to take on and this always kept the internship fresh, and engaging." » Read more...

Danial Ahmed (Computer Information Systems)
Technology Architecture & Analytics Intern
Arbor Realty Trust, Tonawanda, NY

Stephanie Akselrod"Aside from working at Calpine’s headquarters, I was able to partake in on-site plant audits all throughout the country, including in California, Delaware, and Wisconsin. These business trips were unforgettable, allowing me to gain real-world experience in the field which I will cherish throughout my professional career." » Read more...

Stephanie Akselrod (Accounting, Junior)
Internal Audit Intern
Calpine Corporate Office, Houston, Texas

Wascar Almonte

"I had the opportunity to work with the production from start to finish…brainstorming sessions and weekly development meetings…research and discuss trending talent and programming in entertainment..."
»


Wascar Almonte (Communication: Video Production, Senior)
MTV/MTV 2 Production Team Intern
MTV Networks, New York, NY

Ashley Anderson"The slightly unpredictable daily schedules made for a more exciting work environment and always provided different learning opportunities. [Internships] provide experience that you do not always receive from the textbooks and lectures in your day-to-day classes.." » Read more...

Ashley Anderson (Psychology)
School Counseling Intern
Dunkirk Middle School

Kaitlin Battaglia"I learned the importance of strategic communication and how to better pass on a message to our target audience through the marketing we do over social media." » Read more...

Kaitlin Battaglia (Communication: Public Relations)
Social Media Intern
SUNY Fredonia Marketing & Communications

Scott Boehnke"After I got to learn the software well my boss told me that the software was going to the next phase of its rollout and she needed an instructional manual to attach to it. I created the instructional manual and it was sent out to roughly 250 associates across the company."
»

Scott Boehnke (Accounting, Junior)
Financial Analyst Intern
Integer Holdings Corporation, Clarence, NY

Elaina Brownell (Sports Management)
Men's Basketball Team Intern
SUNY Fredonia Athletics

Elaina Brownell

"She feels that interning is a great way to learn more about your future career, while also providing fantastic opportunities to network and meet professionals, getting your foot in the door for future opportunities. Elaina also added that her advice for fellow students is to focus on academics and networking, which she believes are the keys to success. ." » Read more... 

Abbey Burkhardt

"Because of my hard work and personal connections with the designers, I was placed in the design department when I applied for the summer of 2019" » Read more...

Abby Burkhardt (Graphic Design, Senior)
Graphic Design Intern
Hill-Rom, Depew, NY

Rebekah Bretl"I was given the opportunity to perform genealogical research on local Fredonia residents an

"I've created public relations and advertising campaigns such as Share Your City, which is a campaign I developed along with the Brand Consultant. After my semester-long internship, they offered me a full-time position for the summer."
»

Rebekah Bretl (Public Relations, Senior)
Brand Manager Intern
Development Corp. for "Jamestown Up Close", Jamestown, NY

"For most, having the opportunity to be a part of the Disney Internships and Programs family in any capacity is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. For Kim, it has been a “three in a lifetime” experience thus far!"Kim Bright - Disney College Program Intern

»

Kimberly Bright (Communication: Audio/Radio, Film Studies minor, Alumni)
Disney Professional Intern
Disney College Program Alumni-only Professional Internship, Orlando, Florida

Brian Carroll"I was given the opportunity to perform genealogical research on local Fredonia residents and set exhibits in the museum. With these skills that I have acquired from being a part of this internship, I have an opportunity of working in a larger museum anywhere around the world."
»

Brian Carroll (History, Junior)
Museum Studies Intern
Barker History Museum, Fredonia, NY

Matt Carroll, Intern to Athletic Director, JCC

Matt Carroll (Sports Management, Senior)
Intern to the Athletic Director
Jamestown Community College

"Matt’s job on the project was to create a presentation on artificial turf fields in Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania.  His presentation included statistical and geographical analysis of the Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania areas." » Read more...

Erik Coler

"It was an amazing experience where I received real hands on experience meeting people and learned about our government in our nation's capitol. I had the chance to work in the world's most powerful legislature and help citizens of New York State at the same time."
»

Erik Coler (Political Science, Junior)
Policy Intern
Senator Charles Schumer, Washington D.C. Office


Megghan Connolly

"I got an opportunity to be involved in real management activities, including interviewing, hiring, training, and overseeing a calling staff...and an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills that are incredibly useful in the business field (and it’s paid, too!)."
»

Megghan Connolly (Business Administration-Marketing, Senior)
Phonathon Manager Intern
Fredonia College Foundation, Fredonia

Brianna Cordi"I was able to work on TV shows and projects for Disney, Nickelodeon, and PBS. After I moved to NYC, I began working part-time for a Fredonia Alum, and was offered a full-time position at Crossley Acoustics."
»

Brianna Cordi (Sound Recording Technology Senior)
SRT Staff Intern
Big Yellow Duck (Audio Post Production), New York City

Zachary Cornell "My internship was a great experience. It was one of the best experiences that I was able to do during my time at Fredonia. By giving me so much hands on learning I am more confident in the job I can do after I graduate from school."
»

Zachary Cornell (Sport Management, Senior)
Assistant Athletic Director
Chautauqua Lake Central School

Meghan Devine "Jud (Heussler) helped me increase my knowledge of the radio world, through improving my technical skills in editing and producing. He also taught me (without realizing) how to network, be more confident in myself on air, and how to manage my time.
»

Meghan Devine (Audio/Radio Production, Media Management, Senior)
Afternoon Drive Intern
Entercom Buffalo – Kiss 98.5 – Buffalo, NY



Andrea DeGrave "My advice for fellow students is to always be aware of your opportunities to build your resume and gain experience. If you are looking for a job, try to find one in the field of your major, or that related to a job you hope to have in the future. Be willing to take a job or internship that pays less than another, or maybe that does not pay at all. It will pay off in the long run."
»

Andrea DeGrave (Social Work, Junior)
Child Protective Services Intern
Erie County Child Protective Services, Buffalo, NY

Chelsea Drake "I’ve had five internships and they’ve all helped me reach my career goals. I found that each one of my internships led right into the next, which was an easy opportunity for me to network and gain exposure."
»

Chelsea Drake (Journalism, Senior)
Editorial Intern, Buffalo Spree Magazine
Editorial Intern, Rhode Island Monthly Magazine
Visiting Writers Series Intern, Fredonia English Department
Leader Practicum Intern, The Leader
Chief Research Assistant, Jake Halpern (Author, journalist, radio producer)


Brittany Ford"Today, I worked on my Project Catwalk for my presentations tomorrow…I wish I could explain more about it, but it is confidential within the fashion world to reveal the upcoming seasons!"
»

Brittany Ford (Visual Arts & New Media, Senior)
Photography Studio Intern
Kenneth Cole, New York, NY

Maria Freda - Roswell - Development Intern"My internship has already helped me to reach my career goals because I have made many connections... I was offered to continue my position at Roswell as a part-time intern with pay."
»


Maria Freda (Psychology & Business Administration: Management, Senior)
Event & Fundraising Development Intern
Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, Buffalo, NY

Brittany Gilbert"I had an opportunity to intern with the University Police right here on campus. It was a very active and hands-on internship. UP has a lot of great officers and I am grateful to have learned from them. It was such an awesome experience!"
»

Brittany Gilbert (Criminal Justice, Senior)
Law Enforcement Intern
University Police, Fredonia

Justin Giles "This is real life experience that I would not have been able to get from any class. Working in sports has always been my goal and this opportunity I was given made that goal plausible."
»

Justin Giles (Business Administration-Marketing, Senior)
Front Office Intern
Jamestown Jammers, Jamestown, NY


John Gradel "I would rate my experience as excellent because of the valuable experiences I had and the creativity I was able to incorporate into W.H.O.A. as the first intern of this program."
»

John Gradel (Social Studies Adolescence Education, Senior)
Late Night Programming Intern
Campus Life, Fredonia


Dallas Greene"This is my first internship and it has been an exciting new adventure for me. It feel it has given me a leg up in terms of preparing for an interview, staying organized, working with and meeting new people, time management, and working in the film production field."
»

Dallas Greene (TV/Film Production, Junior)
Videographer Intern -Study Abroad Promotional Video
International Education Office, Fredonia

"The experience is really anything you can make out of it. It gives you a feel for your comfort level in your field of interest and allows you to develop and grow as an individual."
»

Kayla Griewisch (Psychology, Junior)
School Psychology/Counseling
Pine Valley Central School, South Dayton, NY

Nicholas Gunner "I would rate this internship experience as invaluable...building Atmotag was the only route for gaining the experience I have now."
»

Nicholas Gunner (TV/Film Production, Junior)
Atmotag Web Design/Multimedia Intern (entrepreneur)
Environmental Science (self-designed), Fredonia


Meghan Harrington "This internship was very valuable in my goals to become a teacher. I learned how to think on my feet and to always have a backup plan. I became familiar with many campus resources and became more prepared for my future."
»

Meghan Harrington (Childhood Education, Senior)
Experienced Leadership Development Program Intern
Office of Campus Life, Fredonia

"My time at the Institute has allowed me to grasp a vast knowledge of future careers in various aspects of the field. I have realized after the experiences that I want to continue to work for this cause, and to make positive changes in others lives."
»

Lyndsay Harris (Political Science, Senior)
Case Manager Intern
International Institute of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

"Both the positive experiences and tribulation I encountered during my program have prepared me for my future career. My experience there was stressful and very hard at times but it was the most rewarding and outstanding experience I could have ever asked for."
Jamie Hullings (Business Management, Senior)
College Program Merchandise Intern
Walt Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, FL

Alyssa Karb-Stolfo“During my internship I observed multiple surgeries at Brooks Memorial Hospital, I was also able to learn patient care and office work in the physician's office."
Alyssa Karb-Stolfo (Biology, Senior)
General Surgery Shadow & Capstone Research Intern
Brooks Memorial Hospital, Dunkirk, NY

Chelsea Kramer

"I had the opportunity to be a Child Talent and Production intern at Sesame Street for their 45th season. I assisted with all aspects of hiring child performers including working auditions, communicating with parents and agents, compiling payroll paperwork, and wrangling children to hair, makeup, set. I never imagined I would be a Child Talent intern, because I had no prior knowledge in the child casting process, but I was chosen because of my prior internship experiences, my experience with working with children at sleep away camp, student teaching, and the impression I left after my interview."
»

Chelsea Kramer (English, Alumna 2013)
Child Casting & Production Intern
Sesame Street Workshop, New York, NY

Kristina Kitzen "I have learned what it means to be an archivist; by preserving, organizing and pulling records. This internship has and will open up many doors for me,as I would like to pursue a career where I would be working in the federal government."
»

Kristina Kitzen (History & International Studies, Senior)
Museum Intern
U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, DC


Kelley Lord "At Clear Channel Radio I interned for the 5 major stations in NYC. I was able to have hands on experience videotaping celebrity interviews and was taught how to edit using various video editing software. I also learned web managing skills by manually converting audio and video servers. Because of my internship I was recommended for jobs with NBC Sports in Seattle and Los Angeles. "
»

Kelley Lord (Communication-Journalism, Senior)
Production Intern
Clear Channel Radio & NBCUniversal, New York, NY

Kelsey Lowery


"Having all of this experience under my belt at the end of the summer will open a lot of doors for my career … This internship has ensured that I am in the right field."
»

Kelsey Lowery (Biology, Senior)
Zookeeper Intern
Utica Zoo, Utica, NY

Jonathan Maderer

"I learned how to run a small business as well as how to please customers and how to work well with others. I gained real-world experience that I was unable to gain in a classroom."
»

Jonathan Maderer (Business-Finance)
Snack Shack CEO
Business Club Snack Shack Thompson Hall, Fredonia


"When I began this internship I had no idea how much I would fall in love with this line of work."
»

Samantha Mann (Psychology, Senior)
ASAT Counselor Internship
Lakeview Correctional Facility, Brocton, NY

Monica Manney

"I want to be a reporter and with my internship I got to do just that! I was able to get hands on experience in front of and behind the camera, with editing and with producing. "
»

Monica Manney (Communication: Journalism, Senior)
Newsroom Intern
Spectrum News Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

Allison Martin "The internship was excellent and the experience was invaluable; the doctors and staff were very welcoming and encouraging. My questions were always welcomed and answered, and I was encouraged to participate in many different aspects of the daily operations there."
»

Allison Martin (Biochemistry, Senior)
Medical Examiner Intern
Erie County Department of Health, Buffalo, NY

Jessica Martinen "This internship showed me ways that the knowledge I learn in my classes is applied in a real world setting."
»

Jessica Martinen (Psychology, Senior)
Clinical Psychology Intern
WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY

Emily Matson - image"... internships provide opportunities to “get hands-on experience,” and working in a close-knit office can give you a lot of professional insight through asking general career development and field specific questions."» Read more...

Emily Matson (Public Accountancy, Senior)
Junior Staff Accountant
Skrobacz & Co. CPA’s, PC, Williamsville, NY

Chris Messina "I was an coach intern within the strength and conditioning department. The teams I worked most closely with were football, baseball, and women’s soccer. This internship helped me to gain a strong understanding of strength and conditioning philosophy. It also gave me an opportunity to work hands-on with a large amount of high-quality athletes."
»

Christopher Messina (Exercise Science, Alumni)
Strength & Conditioning Coach Intern
Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX

"It definitely is a headache at times but I am gaining once-in-a-lifetime lessons in business that will help me later on."
»

Rachel Mimken (Graphic Design and Business Marketing, Junior)
Snack Shack CEO
The Snack Shack, Thompson Hall, Fredonia

Lisa Modera "Overall, this internship at the United Nations working in the Mission was an absolutely amazing growing experience for me, both personally and professionally. Having the chance to be a part of the Malawi Mission and help in any way I could was the most fulfilling task I’ve taken on in my life thus far. "
»

Lisa Modera (Exercise Science, Senior)
United Nations Health Intern
United Nations Malawi Mission, New York City

James Murgillo "The opportunity I received with Paychex will have a special impact on my future. The skills and teachings obtained throughout my internship have already helped me earn a position that had a competitive interview process. I can only see myself reaping the benefits of this internship far into the future."
»

James Murgillo (Business Administration - Marketing, Senior)
Training and Development Intern
Paychex, Rochester, NY

"I learned about the techniques and tools involved in robotic surgery which is pretty unique. I would rate my internship as excellent because each day was so interesting. Also, Dr. Eckhert was such a talented surgeon who was open to trying new surgical technology which exposed me to the latest surgical techniques." » Read more...Caroline Oak

Caroline Oak (Biology, Senior)
Laparoscopic & Robotics Observation Intern
South Buffalo Mercy Hospital, Buffalo, NY


Brendan Francis O'Connor "I have been honored the task of managing the Senator’s Majority Whip Leadership Office in the Capitol building. I am very proud to represent Fredonia in our nation's capital."

»


Brendan Francis O'Connor (Political Science, Senior)
Congressional Intern
Senator Richard Durbin - Assistant Majority Leader, Washington, DC


Courtney O'Donnell "I have gained so much experience, especially with sports broadcasting. I learned all of the skills and programs that I will need in the future (Final Cut, Photoshop, and other various programs). I got to work with cameras and filmed many baseball games, make a music video, and created a few commercials." » Read more...

Courtney O'Donnell (Communication - Video Production, Senior)
Video Broadcasting Intern
Rochester Red Wings
Rochester, NY

Leah Palmer "Not only did I gain much knowledge in the Human Resources field, but my communication and presentation skills were strengthened throughout this internship. Being able to adapt to the cross-cultural changes in the business setting and in general was a challenge, but I was able to gain a lot from learning how to easily adapt. You can only learn so much in the classroom, but an internship gives you the real life experience you need to succeed and to determine whether you’re in the right career path. » Read more...

Leah Palmer (Psychology, Senior)
Human Resources Intern
HLB Mann Judd (accounting firm)
Sydney, Australia


Al Palmquist "My internship experience in Quito, Ecuador was one of the best experiences of my youth. I encourage any FSU student considering following in my footsteps to do an internship abroad or semester abroad." » Read more...

Alexander Palmquist (Social Studies Adolescence Education & History, Alumnus)
Street Outreach Volunteer Intern
Quito, Ecuador


Victor Patinha
"This internship allowed me to connect with the students/community here in Fredonia, as well as enhance my social/communication skills. I enjoyed going to different restaurants and stores, to see how the economy was affecting them. Being able to talk in front of large crowds is never easy. After two seasons I felt comfortable presenting in any situation."
»

Victor Patinha (Computer Information Systems, Senior)
Host of Popular Politics Intern
The Raphy Report (TRR) Productions, Fredonia NY

Mark Pringle "Exposure to all I am responsible for in regard to this internship will assist me in my professional career in many ways..Internships are an amazing link from classroom instruction to your field of study."
»

Mark Alexander Pringle (Childhood Inclusive Education, Junior)
Office of Field Experience Intern
College of Education, Fredonia

Rachel Prychodko"I would tell other students that the CDO office is extremely helpful and worthy of checking out. They have helped me with my resume, cover letters, internships and even job searching for after I graduate."
»

Rachel Prychodko (Public Relations, Senior)
Public Relations Intern
Marketing & Communications Office - The Foundation House, Fredonia, NY

Michael Raheb"My internship was excellent. I absolutely love working with the patients, and the nurses I work with are very nice to work with. They always help me with anything I need and are always willing to see how far I can go in relation to this field."
»

Michael Raheb (Exercise Science, Sophomore)
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Brooks Memorial Hospital, Dunkirk, NY


Alyssa Renwick"CMT has given me the opportunity to sit in on meetings, attend private concerts, and be treated like an actual employee."
»

Alyssa Renwick (Music Business, Senior)
Program Development Intern
Country Music Television, Nashville, TN


Megan Riley "This internship will help me reach my career goals because it has allowed me to become accustomed to being in a clinical environment."
»

Megan Riley (Biology, Senior)
Clinical Aide
North County Spine and Sports, Dunkirk, NY


Michael Santoli "The most valuable aspect of this internship to me, other than the experience I gained, is the relationships I have built with the team."
»

Michael Santoli (Business Administration, Sophomore)
Marketing/Promotion Coordinator
Snack Shack, Thompson Hall, Fredonia


Samantha Schlein "I was able to immerse myself in many facets of public relations and learn about tools that I would have not otherwise been exposed to. The communication department at Fredonia really prepares a student for the “real world,” but being able to have hands on experience allows a person to practice what they’ve learned."
»

Samantha Schlein (Public Relations & Audio/Radio Production, Junior)
Marketing & Communications Intern
Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY

Megan Stade"I was taught things from how to register songs into the ASCAP database, to hands-on dealing with statements, payments, correspondences and much more, most notably for the world famous composer, Philip Glass, who is considered to be one of the most influential music makers of the late 20th century."
»

Megan Stade (Business Administration: Music Industry, Senior)
Music Publishing Intern
Dunvagen Music Publishers, New York, NY

"I began interning at Six Flags Darien Lake in May as their Corporate Sponsor Intern and moved into the position of Marketing and Communications Intern in the fall. A few job responsibilities I had included working with our corporate office to effectively and correctly activate the sponsorship programs and events, updating and creating content for the Darien Lake website, answering guest questions and concerns on Facebook through Sprout Social, and assisting in coordinating Darien Lake’s marketing research team." Cali Sullivan
»

Cali Sullivan (Communication - Public Relations, Minor: Business Administration)
Communications/Marketing Intern
Six Flags Darien Lake, Darien Center, NY

Sarah Tedesco "My professors would always stress the importance of gaining hands-on experience and my internship allowed me to take what I had learned in the classroom and apply it to real life situations. A typical day at Brooks included writing news releases and various other articles. I also spent a lot of time interviewing and talking with the many different staff of the hospital. This internship prepared me for a future career in PR as it helped me improve my research, writing, and communication skills."

»

Sarah Tedesco (Communication: Public Relations, Senior)
Community Health Public Relations Intern
Brooks Memorial Hospital, Dunkirk, NY

Christian Torres "During my internship..I learned how to plan events, and the implementation process to make each event successful. It taught me many hands on skills on how to deal with projects and events."
»

Christian Torres (Business Administration/Management, Senior)
Water Meter Coordinator
City of Dunkirk, Development Office, Dunkirk, NY


"I've learned a lot from my internship! Fredonia has a great education program and I've learned a lot here...within my first two weeks I met some teachers and administrators from Buffalo that were helpful in finding out what it's really like out there in the real schools."
»

Katie Tyczynski (Childhood Inclusive, Math Concentration, Junior)
Environmental Education Intern
Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

Wade Weatherlow "I have gained valuable insight and experience regarding competition in the product and service industries."
»

Wade Weatherlow (Business Administration/Management, Senior)
Management of a Publicly Regulated Corporation
DFT Communications, Fredonia, NY


"As an accounting minor I now have formal business experience on my resume that will show employers that I am capable of obtaining and maintaining positions in my field of business."
»

Faith Wester (Finance, Accounting Minor, Senior)
Two internships completed:
- Tax Preparer, EG Tax, Fredonia, NY
- Payroll Assistant, The Learning Center, Fredonia

Trish Whetstone

"Getting experience in the workplace offers different challenges than in the classroom, leading to the development of diverse and valuable skills. I will be returning for a second semester at CASAC for a paid position as a part-time prevention educator, and I was already offered a full-time position after I graduate. "
»

Trish Whetstone (Psychology, Public Relations, Senior)
Prevention Education Intern
Chautauqua Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Council (CASAC), Cassadaga, NY

Elise Wilkin "I would highly recommend an internship with a local company, such as DFT Communications. You get hands-on experience under the supervision of people who are accommodating to your schedule and genuinely care about your success. ...The study abroad program that I was enrolled in at the University College Dublin was inclusive of an internship with Bentley Systems International, Ltd. As a result of both my internship experiences, I am more confident in my pursuit for employment after graduation."
»

Elise Wilkin (Public Accountancy, Senior)
Two internships completed:
- Accounting Assistant Intern, DFT Communications, Fredonia, NY
- Credit/Collections Intern, Bentley Systems International, Ltd., Dublin, Ireland

Heather Williams "I absolutely love this internship because I have learned so much as well as developed a new network of associates and colleagues." » Read more...

Heather Williams (English, Senior)
Leadership Resource Center Intern
Leadership Resource Center, Fredonia


Sakurako Yagi "Local employers care about students and provide good experience." Saki had a plan to make connections throughout the learning process, stating, “I will learn how we can keep growing and how we communicate with people and community.”
»

Sakurako Yagi (Communication - Public Relations, Junior)
Community Relations Assistant
Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation, Dunkirk, NY

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