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The State University of New York at Fredonia offers piano majors exceptional opportunities for growth and development as pianists and musicians. Under the guidance of expert faculty, students are given weekly lessons in which technical and musical issues are dealt with in a unified and holistic way. Familiarity with all style periods within the classical piano repertoire is stressed, and students learn to use the piano as a vehicle for expressiveness and creativity. Weekly recital seminars and performances afford students time and ready audiences for gaining experience as performers. The environment is individual-oriented and supportive, allowing each student to bring his or her own particular musical gifts to their highest potential and fruition. The faculty’s expectations and standards are high, and the program is rigorous; but the care and concern shown for each student is personalized and realistic. In addition, students obtain valuable feedback from every piano faculty member at semester juries, in addition to the weekly interaction with one’s own individual teacher.

Guest artists offer performances and master classes which further diversify the students’ interaction with professional pianists. There are also ample opportunities for piano majors to make music collaboratively with other students and in various ensembles within the School of Music.

The excellent School of Music facility provides piano practice rooms containing grand pianos as well as recital halls with first-rate Steinway concert grands in outstanding acoustical environments. Everything is provided for students to fulfill their musical dreams and aspirations. At the conclusion of their studies here they emerge well-equipped to pursue further higher education or enter the musical workplace as professional pianists in the fields of performance, education and collaboration.

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