About FSA Meal Plans

Meal plans are available for both on and off campus students. There are some requirements for those students living on campus with regards to specific meal plans. Please see our meal plan brochure below for details.

University Meal Plan Policy:

"All on-campus residents must select from Residence Life meal plans 1 through 7. First semester resident Freshman are required to maintain either Plan 1 or Plan 2. Seniors, residents of University Village Townhouses, Disney and Eisenhower kitchen suites and commuter students are not required to maintain a meal plan; however, they may choose any plan. Meal Plan 7 is only available to students of Junior or Senior academic standing. Meal plans are not active during recess or break periods in excess of four (4) days such as Thanksgiving week, winter recess, spring break, and summer recess."

Meal Plan Enrollment: 

To enroll in a meal plan, please sign into myFSA

Meal Plans (per semester), 2024-2025

FSA Meal Plan 2024-2025
Download the FSA 2024-2025 Meal Plan PDF


Sales Tax Status:

New York State Tax Law Section 1105(d) imposes a tax on the receipts from the sale of food or drink sold in or by restaurants, taverns, or other establishments in this state. The statute, however excludes from tax receipts from such sales where made "at a restaurant, tavern, or other establishment located on the premises of a college, university... to a student enrolled therein who purchases such food or drink under a contractual arrangement whereby the student does not pay cash at the time he is served..." Such educational institutions must be operated by an exempt organization with the sanction of the State of New York.

Part of the restrictions to comply with the law is the meal plan is a contract whereby the food is solely for the specific student and the contract cannot provide refunds. At the time of entering into the agreement (acknowledging the Terms and Conditions), the value of the meal plan contract purchased is no longer considered cash. Limitations and rules, such as the daily points limit, are part of the meal plan policy to comply with the spirit of sole, personal use.

If a student officially withdraws from the University, refunds are granted on a prorated basis.

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