Faculty & Staff Meal Plan Options

Faculty and Staff of Fredonia can use your FREDFunds account to purchase meals on campus at discounted prices.

When using your FREDFunds at an all you care to eat facility such as Cranston Marché, you will pay the discounted student "Points" price, plus tax, which is a significant savings versus paying cash prices plus tax.

Cranston Marché Prices (Prices Include NYS Tax)

Meal Period  Cash Price  FREDFunds  Savings 
Breakfast  $10.55 $9.72 $0.83
Lunch  $12.75 $10.53 $2.22
Dinner  $15.25 $12.15 $3.10

When using your FREDFunds at an A la Carte facility, you will pay normal prices as do the students, plus tax.

To make a deposit to your FREDFunds Account, visit: myfredcard.com  

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