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Our campus card is the one card you will want to get familiar with. For most students on campus your FREDCard is more essential than your credit card.

 To get your own FREDCard, visit the FSA office in the first floor of Gregory Hall.

The FREDCard is a multipurpose identification card the "only" card you really need on campus.

The FREDCard is designed to identify you as a campus member and incorporates multiple campus identifying markers to set it apart from other universities and ID Cards.

Aside from the design the new FREDCard contains iClass capabilities which offer more convenience in the way you use your card.

FREDCard Uses

  • Meal Plans
  • FREDFunds Account
  • Vending & copying purchases
  • Door access
  • Library
  • Ticket Office
  • Health Center
  • Fitness Center
  • Media Center
  • Music Department
  • Graphic Design Lab

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