College Symphony Orchestra in King Concert Hall

Student Recital Handbook


Student Recital Handbook
This document outlines the process for scheduling a recital.

Performer's Certificate Policies
This document describes the policies for students to apply for the Performer's Certificate.

Chart of Allowable Recital/Concert Rehearsal Hours
This document lists the allowable hours to determine the maximum number of hours that you may rehearse in the recital hall.

Student Recital Request Form
This form is mandatory for scheduling your recital. Please fill it out completely and have your studio teacher sign in the appropriate places.

Recital Hearing Form
This form is required for your recital hearing. Please fill it out completely and submit to your studio teacher at the time of your hearing.

Rehearsal/Reception Time Request Form
This form allows you to reserve rehearsal time in the recital hall following successfully recital hearing or four weeks prior the recital, whichever comes first.

Staff Accompanist Request Form
Faculty are to use this form to request the services of a salaried staff accompanist or graduate assistant for their students.

Student Recital Cancellation Form
This form is required in the event you must cancel or reschedule your recital. Please fill it out completely and obtain signatures as required on the form.

Performance Recording Request Form
Please use this form to order live streaming for student recitals or recordings of student recitals or curricular ensemble concerts.

Student Recital Program Guide
This document provides the proper formatting required for student recital programs.

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