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In the spring of each academic year, the faculty of the department makes recommendations concerning the awarding of scholarships for the next academic year. Awardees for a particular scholarship are selected in line with criteria established by those who endowed that scholarship; details are given below.

The Kenneth and Mary Boynton Scholarship was established by Dr. Nancy Boynton to honor her parents.  Mary Boynton received her bachelor’s degree in mathematics secondary education from the University of Michigan. Ken earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Marquette University and his M.B.A from the University of Michigan. They were strong supporters of the importance of higher education and made sure that their children were able to earn degrees from the colleges of their choice. This scholarship was donated in their names to continue to help students earn college degrees, and is awarded annually to a student who has done excellent work in the mathematical sciences. 

Mark Buckenmeyer was a mathematics education major and also a member of the men’s varsity basketball team. He was well known throughout the campus community. His unique personality and care for others made him respected and loved by many. Mark’s unwavering determination on the court made him a leader on his team. He passed away suddenly in his senior year. The Mark Buckenmeyer Scholarship was established as a memorial to him.

Dr. Myron T. Dana led the Fredonia Normal School for sixteen years, form 1907 to 1921. He began his service to Fredonia in 1881 as Vice-Principal of Mathematics and German, being promoted to Principal in 1907. The Myron T. Dana Scholarship was established by Dr. Dana’s grandson, Dana Wheelock, M.D. 

Santa DiPasquale was born in Dunkirk and received her Bachelor of Science in Education degree in 1984 from SUNY Fredonia. She was a fourth grade teacher at St. Hyacinth’s School and other area schools for 23 years. The Santa A.B. DiPasquale Memorial Scholarship was donated in her name by Mr. John Ceranowicz to help a good mathematics or mathematics education student who is a “go-getter”. 

The Earl G. Mathewson Scholarship commemorates Mr. Earl G. Mathewson, a 1924 graduate of South Dayton High School who received a teaching certificate from the Fredonia Normal School in 1930. He spent 44 years teaching mathematics at all grade levels. The award, made possible through the generosity of Mr. Mathewson's family, is intended for a Mathematics/Adolescence Education or Mathematics/Middle Childhood Education major who demonstrates persistence in his or her studies. While the recipient should be in good standing, a high grade point average is not a primary measure. The recipient should show potential as a math educator.

The Frank R. Olson Mathematics Scholarship commemorates Dr. Frank R. Olson, who served as Chairman of the Department of Mathematics from 1967 to 1982. Dr. Olson, born in Sweden and raised in Jamestown, New York, received his B.A. in mathematics from Alfred University, M.A. in mathematics from Kent State University and Ph. D. in mathematics from Duke University. The scholarship was endowed by Dr. Olson's family and his colleagues in the department. The scholarship was established to recognize students in the mathematics program who have achieved exceptional academic success. Preference is given to students from Chautauqua County. 

The Dr. Nelson C. and Louise A. Wood Memorial Fund Scholarship was established by their sons, and is awarded annually to students showing outstanding potential as mathematics teachers.  Dr. Nelson C. Wood was born in Lyndonville, Vermont, on December 3, 1905, the son of the late Frederick T. and Alice (Blodgett) Wood. He married Louise Adams on June 29, 1933. They had three sons, Britton, Craig and Loren. Dr. Wood received a B.S. degree from the University of Vermont in 1929 and a Ph.D. from Cornell University in 1949. In 1929, he began his teaching career at Webster (N.Y.) High School. Dr. Wood was supervising principal at the elementary, junior high, and senior high schools in Fillmore, N.Y., from 1933 to 1936. From 1936 to 1946, Dr. Wood was Principal of Spencerport (N.Y.) High School. Dr. Wood began his 29-year career at Fredonia State University College in 1947. While at Fredonia, he served as Coordinator of Field Services from 1947 to 1956, and taught in the Department of Mathematics from 1957 to his retirement in 1976. Dr. Wood helped establish a major curriculum of speech education. He was also instrumental in starting the first intercollegiate baseball team at the college. For ten years he assisted the baseball coaches while working directly with the pitchers and catchers. In addition to being very supportive of Dr. Wood’s career, Mrs. Wood was involved in many college activities. After his retirement Dr. Wood, with Mrs. Wood’s support and guidance, created the Emeritus Group at Fredonia. 

The Marvin C. Zastrow Excellence in Mathematics Scholarship was founded by his wife, Nancy Zastrow.  Dr. Zastrow taught at Fredonia for over thirty years.  He had high expectations of his students, and some of his teaching methods and high standards earned him a reputation around campus.  Some students considered him intimidating, but many others revered him and found him unforgettable.  As SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor Dr. Bob Rogers notes, "No one worked harder or was more prepared for class than Dr. Zastrow."  This scholarship continues Dr. Zastrow's legacy by rewarding students who work hard, meet high standards, and show promise and interest in the mathematical sciences. 

The department's scholarship and award recipients, along with new inductees to Pi Mu Epsilon, the national honorary mathematics society, are recognized at an annual awards banquet.  Click one of the links below for more information.

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