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Psychology Department Student Accomplishments

Student Accomplishments

The Psychology Department is pleased to announce our award winners for the Fall 2022 semester!

Elizabeth Scarborough Award: Chloe Kowalyk & Sabrina Suriani

Psychology Merit Award: Chloe Kowalyk

Spring 2022 award winners included:

Elizabeth Scarborough Award: Kaci Carron & Kaylee Schiffman

Psychology Merit Award: Kaci Carron

Daniel C. Krawczyk Exemplary Award: Brionna Emery

Donald Lehr Award for Excellence in Teaching: Kaci Carron

Kara Grace Hall Memorial Scholarship: Chloe Kowalyk

Also, we are happy to announce the list of recent Psi Chi Initiates!

Fall 2022 Psi Chi Initiates

Ally Kilburn, Alyssa Marley, Madeline O'Reilly, Rowan Elizabeth Potzler, Eliza Briggs Shriver, Sarah Slack, Elsie Tecalero, Samantha Villante, and Alexis Wright 

Spring 2022 Psi Chi Initiates

Zoe Abrahamer, Mackenzi Adams, Jennifer Brancato, Mia Cardonick, Sophia Giacona, Patience Glatt, Jayleen Guichardo, Jamie Hemenger, Violet Hess, Jennifer Jones, Chloe Kowalyk, Desiree Lawson, Joshua Lindstrom, Mia Piede, Willie Ray, Erika Retzer, Amy Reyes, McKenzie Slocum, Sabrina Suriani, Isabelle Suriano, Abigail Tartaro, Kristen Tasselmyer, Cassie Thomas 

Congratulations to all our Psychology majors who presented their research projects at the campus undergraduate conference (OSCAR) in May of 2022! Please note that projects which were also presented at the 2022 SUNY-wide undergraduate research conference (SURC) are designated below by an asterisk.

Students:  Mackenzi Adams and Sarah Nasconi
Mentor:  Dr. Lisa Denton
Project Title:  “Mother-to-Mother Advice on Opioid Use during Pregnancy”

Student:  Kaci Carron 
Mentor:  Dr. Andrea Zevenbergen
Project Title:  “Examination of Sequential Verbalizations in Parent-Preschooler Sharing of a           Wordless Book”

Students:  Nicole Cronin, Sabrina Suriani, Caitlan Dean, and Gabrielle Carris*
Mentor:  Dr. Jack Croxton
Project Title:  “Attributions of Responsibility for COVID-Related Illness”

Students:  Tiffany Denault and Samantha Richter 
Mentor:  Dr. Darrin Rogers
Project Title:  “Sexual Aggressiveness and Gender on the Dark Tetrad”

Student:  Brionna Emery
Mentor:  Dr. Jack Croxton
Project Title:  “Perception of Traits and Attitudes as a Function of Gender, Occupation, and Voter Behavior” 

Student:  Brionna Emery 
Mentor:  Dr. Darrin Rogers
Project Title:  “Better Safe than Sorry:  Women Overestimate Men’s Likelihood of Sexual Assault and Undercorrect for Situational Factors” 

Student:  Emily Lewicki 
Mentor:  Dr. Andrea Zevenbergen
Project Title:  “The Impact of COVID-19 on College Students’ Views of Themselves, Interpersonal Relationships, and the Future”

Students:  Amber Meli and Samantha Sibert 
Mentor:  Dr. Darrin Rogers
Project Title:  “Acceptance of Interpersonal Violence, Risky Behavior, and Sexual Orientation as Predictors of Sexual Aggressiveness” 

Student:  Erika Retzer
Mentor:  Dr. Andrea Zevenbergen
Project Title:  “Microaggressions from a Bystander’s Perspective”

Student:  Abigail Tartaro
Mentor:  Dr. Joseph McFall
Project Title:  “Pay it Forward”

Students:  Ashley Zambotti and Rebecca Jaeger
Mentor:  Dr. Darrin Rogers
Project Title:  “Big Five Traits as Predictors of Rape Myth Acceptance”

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