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Current Student Experiences


Peter Howlett

Peter is currently a Junior pursuing a B.S. in Psychology with a minor in leadership studies here at Fredonia. He has shown interest in Organizational Psychology, the connection between business tactics and Psychology and how they work together. Peter is a busy student as he is involved in plenty of things at Fredonia. He has been a learning assistant for introductory Psychology classes, Currently a TA for Adv. Research Methods, as well as a mentored research assistant working under the Chair of the Psychology Dept. Dr. McFall. He even took part in the Departmental Review Committee. After being asked what advice he could offer other students in the program he said this, 

"Use the Tutoring Center, use office hours, The classes build off one another. Keep up with the material and dont get yourself caught up. Keep asking questions. Ask questions about the career field, the academic field, what grad school will look like, dont be afraid to speak up."

Aside from the psychology department, Peter is also the head lifeguard at Hamilton Beach State Park, as well as, a member of Enactus - Edge and a Tour Guide here on campus! 


Bailey Goodspeed

Bailey is currently a Senior pursuing a double major in B.A. Psychology and B.A. Sociology. Bailey has attended Fredonia since 2017 and is on course to graduate this Spring, 2021. Bailey has filled her time here at Fredonia by becoming a member of both Psi Chi Honors Society and Psychology Club where she currently is the Public Relations/Social Media Chair. You could also find Bailey researching with Dr. Zevenbergen or Mentoring current students as they are introduced to Fredonia and the Psychology department. Bailey is interested in pursuing a career in the Mental Health Counseling field.

Bailey would like to offer the advice of be true to yourself, and dont shy away from any opportunities that may be presented to you. Push forward and reach your goal. Talk with your professors, and get to know the faculty in the department they are there to see you succeed. 


Kevin Karr

Kevin is a Sophomore majoring in B.A. Psychology with a minor in Sociology. Both of Kevin's parents attended SUNY Fredonia and met here at this school. Kevin is very involved in the Psychology department as he has been and is currently a Lab Assistant for the Psychology Lab, He helped teach a lab course presenting coursework and homework under Dr. Drout, as well as being the Head lab assistant for the senior honors seminar. When asked what advice he could offer to students he said, 

"Never sell yourself short. Shoot for opportunities that may not seem achievable because often times those are the ones you will achieve. Always try, because even if you fail, you can always say at least you tried." 

Kevin encourages fellow students along with incoming students to talk with the professors, and get to know them. they are here to help you and they may even have opportunities for you. 


Joseph DeChiaro Photo

Joseph DeChiaro

Joseph DeChiaro is a senior B.A. Psychology and Business Administration double major with a concentration in Finance. Joseph has been enrolled at SUNY Fredonia since 2017 with the intention of graduating in Spring 2021. With Joseph’s time here at Fredonia, he has become the treasurer of the Psi Chi Honor Society and has been member of the psychology club for most of his time here. Joseph has also been a mentor to new students coming into Fredonia to help them adjust to the program and Fredonia as a whole. Joseph is interested in pursuing a career in Human Resources where he can use both his business degree and psychology degree together. 

After being asked for advice he can give to new students he said that one should, "do what makes you happiest. Take any opportunities that you can to learn what else is out there and get a feel for different areas to ensure your happiness." Joseph also would recommend student's to get as involved in anything that you can, because it really is about connection!

Amy Leogrand Photo

Amy Leogrand

Meet Amy, she is currently a senior pursuing a B.S. in Psychology here at Fredonia. Amy has been attending Fredonia since the Fall 2017 and plans to graduate next Fall 2021. Along with being a psychology major, Amy is also a Resident Assistant in Nixon Hall. This helped Amy adjust to the campus and meet new people! 

 Like many other students at Fredonia, Amy had the opportunity to conduct research alongside on of Fredonia's professors, Dr. Rogers. Amy hopes to someday work within the counseling field where she can put the lessons she learned here to work in the field. 


Emily Cammarata

Emily Cammarata Is a B.S. Psychology and Communications Disorders and Sciences double major. Emily has attended Suny Fredonia since Fall 2018, and is expected to graduate Spring 2022. Emily has been actively involved within the psychology department here, as she is currently conducting research alongside one of our amazing professors, Dr. Zevenbergen.

Ms. Cammarata is also the current President of the Psychology Club. While she is very busy in the department, you can also find Emily as a barista behind the counter at Starbucks or singing in the amphitheater with her acapella group the Riveters. Emily urges incoming freshmen to keep one thing in mind, when you are in class, "ask questions." Emily thinks this is super important and although you may be nervous to speak up, asking questions and building relationships with your professors is the way to achieve a better understanding of the course!

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