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Current Student Experiences

Alex Buchner Photo

Alexandra Buchner

"I transferred to Fredonia my Junior year of undergrad and I am so thankful that I chose this program. I have been given so many opportunities for growth and new experiences because of my excellent professors' dedication to my education. Each staff member is unique in their style of instruction and concentration. This program offers the benefits of small class sizes and professors who actually know your name. This program has allowed me to make lifelong friendships with my fellow classmates and has increased my self-confidence. The Psychology Department offers academic challenge with rigorous course material and interactive internship placements. In my time at SUNY Fredonia I have served as secretary for the Fredonia Chapter of Psi Chi International Honor Society and as the Vice President of Psychology Club. As I move on to life after undergrad I feel both excited and secure as I know that I am well prepared for what lies ahead."

Jared Curren Photo

Jared Curren

"As a transfer student to Fredonia, I wanted to personally impact the Psychology Department by becoming involved in many aspects of the program. Throughout these two years, I had an opportunity to intern as a school guidance counselor, join an independent study, become the president of the Psychology Club, and become inducted into Psi Chi, the psychology honor society. I was also asked to be a student representative within the Psychology Department’s Retention and Recruitment Committee. Each one of these experiences has helped me develop unique skills which I can use within these next crucial years of my life. Thank you to all of the helpful professors for guiding me throughout my journey here, and thank you for creating such positive experiences within my undergraduate career. I plan on continuing my education by obtaining a master’s degree within the field of school counseling."

Holly Lavin Photo

Holly Lavin

"I declared a major in Psychology during my sophomore year at Fredonia, and as a senior I can confidently say that was the best decision of my college career. Every Psychology professor I’ve taken a class with has played a role in helping me achieve my academic goals. I’ve also met many wonderful students in the program who have become my “study buddies” and some of my closest friends. During my time at Fredonia, I have completed a school psychology internship and an independent study. These opportunities have given me invaluable experience and knowledge in the field of Psychology. Thanks to Fredonia’s Psychology department, I feel prepared to move onto graduate school next year and pursue a career in working with children."

Beaton Photo

Jennifer Beaton

“As a senior, what I have gained from Fredonia's Psychology Department are experiences that will benefit me both as I am applying to graduate school and in my future career. I have had the opportunity to work with professors on research and to teach a class as a learning assistant, both of which may contribute to a graduate assistantship as I further my education. The faculty in the department are extremely helpful and easy to approach. They have aided me on countless occasions in both classroom assignments and my future career goals. I would highly recommend Fredonia to anyone looking to study psychology.”

Dongjin photo

Dongjin Jung

"I am an international student from South Korea and I have been studying psychology at Fredonia for three years. Fredonia psychology has three strengths for students. First, students can approach easily the psychology professors. In the psychology department, many professors wait to talk with and answer students’ questions. Second, the professors and psychology students are in a friendly environment. The warm mood around the psychology department encourages students to develop themselves. Third, students can develop their psychological knowledge related to various subject areas. Students can study sociology, science, or history and integrate this information with psychology. I never doubt I am developing myself at Fredonia."

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Jacob Abraham

"There are many reasons that I love being not just a student, but being a Psychology student here at Fredonia. As a transfer, I was a bit nervous about coming to a four-year school and beginning a serious program. All of that changed when I finally got here. From day one, I felt very comfortable in my interactions with my peers and more importantly with the staff in the department. The class sizes here are relatively small so creating personal relationships with the faculty was easy, which has allowed me to really learn about Psychology in many aspects, whether it be research or mental health. At first I had no idea what I was going to do with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Two years later, I am confident that my decision to become a Psychology major will work out great for me in the long run. It’s safe to say that choosing Psychology at Fredonia was the best decision I have ever made."

Leslie Anderson Photo

Leslie Anderson

"I am a senior at Fredonia and I am a psychology major. I love psychology at Fredonia because it is the greatest, most helpful and caring environment a student could ask for. The psychology department is filled with amazing staff and teachers who are very good at helping and walking their students through their college careers. When I first transferred to Fredonia, I was lost and a little nervous about the new environment. Thankfully, the students and the teachers were a great help at clarifying and helping me feel welcome and not so nervous anymore. The classes are easy to understand and if something happens to come up that is difficult to understand, the teachers do not hesitate to go over the material with you and help you until you understand. Thank you “Psychology at Fredonia” for making my college career a fun and caring experience to remember always and forever!"

Sydnee Worth Photo

Sydnee Worth

"I love Fredonia’s psych department because you can tell that the professors actually care about how you’re doing. They make sure that you know that you can come to them with any questions that you have, whether it has to do with their class or your future. From their help with tough courses to my independent study and internship, they’ve played a major role in my success here at Fredonia."