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Students have the option of studying abroad in the summer, J-term, a full semester, or even a full academic year. The programs in the summer or J-term may not be the full length of those breaks, but could only be a few weeks long depending on the program. Below are a few of the options highlighted right now by the Psychology Department:

Dual Degree Program for Psychology in Turkey:

  • complete 2 years of your undergraduate studies at Fredonia, and your last 2 years are spent in Izmir, Turkey, at Izmir University of Economics
  • provides students with world-class educational opportunities and research facilities, while they also obtain leadership qualities
  • language instruction is available to students who would like to learn Turkish
  • students stay in residence halls, providing them the opportunity to form close relationships with students from Turkey.


Fredonia has many more options! There are programs in Australia, Ecuador, Belize, Ireland, and more. Also, students are not limited to Fredonia’s study abroad options, you also have the opportunity to study abroad through programs at other schools, including Oswego and Brockport.

You can pick up an application or get additional information at The International Education Center, located at E230 Thompson Hall. You could also visit their website

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