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Students have the option of studying abroad in the summer, J-term, a full semester, or even a full academic year. The programs in the summer or J-term may not be the full length of those breaks, but could only be a few weeks long depending on the program.

Unfortunately, study away opportunities have been cancelled through Spring 2021.  This includes travel associated with NSE. 

Please see the details below which were recently provided by Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor Laursen:

"A number of SUNY campuses are members of the National Student Exchange (NSE), a study-away program at colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. SUNY is cancelling all NSE travel, including within the U.S

As we head into the Winter and then Spring, we know that New York State has a strong plan for continued testing and even vaccination roll-out; we cannot guarantee the same of other states. As a result, student domestic travel is also impacted

Any advertising and all websites promoting study abroad or other international activity, NSE, or in-country travel, need to be amended to visibly reflect the cancellation of such Winter and Spring 2021 activity.

Please know that my staff in the Office of Global Affairs are working at Chancellor Malatras’ direction to explore other ways for us to give students the opportunity to gain what we know are critically important global/exchange skills at home. More news on that will be coming shortly."


You can get additional information at The International Education Center, located at E230 Thompson Hall. You could also visit their website

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