Move Out Guide

The residence halls close at 9:00 am on December 21, 2019, however, students may leave at any time prior to that date once finals are completed.  With the exception of J-Term students staying over the break and townhouse residents, all students are expected to leave their residence hall by this time.  

PLAN AHEAD! These dates are firm. Please plan travel arrangements accordingly.

Residence Halls will be open from 9:00 am - 9:00 pm beginning Sunday, January 19, 2019.  They will also be available for move-in on Monday, January 20th and Tuesday, January 21st.  Please go directly to your residence hall to check-in.

Classes resume on Wednesday, January 22nd.

All students not returning to Fredonia for Spring 2020, changing residence halls,  or changing rooms must complete and sign their room inventories.  In addition, the rooms should be cleaned and left in the condition found upon arrival.  Students changing rooms or halls MUST do so prior to leaving the campus, typically during finals week.  All students moving within the hall or moving to another hall must be checked out of their rooms by the resident assistant or residence director.  Students should be considerate in making changes so as not to disturb students in the process of studying for final examinations.  Questions concerning room or hall change arrangements should be referred to your residence director.  If you are staying in the same room for Spring 2020, you do not need to remove your belongings!

You will need to contact your new Residence Director to get the contact information for the current occupants of your new room.


The following conditions must be observed by all students in the residence halls before leaving:

  • All holiday decorations must be removed before the semester break
  • Close and lock all windows
  • Remove all personal items from all common areas
  • Turn off all lights and electrical equipment (i.e. clocks)
  • Empty wastebaskets and clean refrigerators
  • Clean refrigerators – remove food, disconnect, leave door propped open
  • Dispose of all perishable items
  • Lower blinds and leave open
  • Lock door
  • Sign inventory forms (if moving)
  • Clean your room

Please be aware that rooms will be inspected for maintenance, health and safety during the official closing period.  The residence hall staff hopes you have had a very successful and enjoyable semester and wishes you a happy holiday season.

All students must turn in their keys before leaving the campus.  All keys will be collected prior to students leaving the campus and will be reissued upon return to the residence halls in January.   All lost keys will be paid for at this time at $30.00 per key – room or mailbox key.  Please do not take your key home because then we will have to order a new one, which will cause you to incur a $30 charge on your account.  


All students not returning for academic reasons will be required to return to campus and remove all belongings.  Please call the Office of Residence Life (716) 673-3341 in order to arrange for access to the hall during the recess period. New and returning students will be assigned to these rooms and they must be vacated prior to January 10, 2020. The college reserves the right to remove the personal possessions of a student not returning for academic reasons.

If you are coming after hours or on the weekend, please call the RD on Duty prior to your arrival so that you can schedule a convenient time for removing your belongings.  The phone number for the RD on Duty is (716) 679-8524.

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