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Nixon Hall


Nixon Hall

Named for Samuel Frederick Nixon, member of the Fredonia Council from 1932 to 1952, formerly President of the Chautauqua and Erie and Dunkirk and Fredonia telephone companies, member of the American Association of Museums, Vice President of the Genesee Historical Society, and Trsustee and President of the Chautauqua County Historical Society; Nixon Hall opened in 1963.  It is a first-year co-ed, corridor style residence hall.  It features four recreation rooms, a kitchenette and recreated room on the first floor, two laundry rooms, and a recently renovated lobby and bathrooms.  Nixon Hall is located across the street from the Reed Library.

Residence Director
Heather Williams
RD Office: 716-673-3432
RA Office: 716-673-3431

Lost Key Form

Each resident is issued a key for their room and mailbox (if applicable) for their own personal use. Loss of either key should be reported as soon as possible by filling out the appropriate form.

After completing the form, follow the payment link on the confirmation page and make the payment. The fee is $30 per key. 

Key Policy: Once you fill out the lost key form, you are agreeing to pay $30 for each lost key. We will not order you a new key until the $30 payment is received. If you haven’t made a payment within one week of submitting the lost key form, your request will be cancelled and a key will not be ordered for you.

Refund Policy: Once your key has been ordered from the lock shop, we are unable to process any refunds. Please note, each student is allowed only one key per room. All duplicates should be handed in to your Residence Director immediately.

Please review our lock-out policy if you have any questions.


Hall Council is the student government within each residence hall. Hall Council programming, activities and equipment is made possible through residence hall dues. The budget for each residence hall is determined by the residents who pay the annual hall dues of $20.00. The Hall Council then decides how to spend these funds. Input from all residents helps in this decision making process. Participation in Hall Council is very important. Activities planned by the Hall Council and paid for by the hall dues include hall dinners, theme parties, guest speakers, health awareness programs, study breaks, and skill-building workshops. This organization represents only one of the many ways to get involved in campus living.

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