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Residence Hall Association

What is RHA?

Residence Hall Association (RHA) is the governing body of the 12 Hall Councils at Fredonia.  The purpose of RHA is to simply represent the collective interest of those who live on campus.  This is done by presenting the concerns of the residents to the appropriate entities, providing access to developmental opportunities for its constituents, and to set the example of what it entails to create an environment on campus that welcomes all with open arms.

How to get involved?

If you are interested in getting involved with RHA, all students are welcome at the general board meetings held every Wednesday at 8:00 pm in the Grissom Hall Smart Classroom.  You can also find various events linked at the calendar below.

     Calendar of Events

RHA Advisors

Richard Sanders, Residence Director of Grissom Hall

Jill Swanson, Residence Director of Hemingway Hall

RHA E-Board

President - Tala Harden

Tala is a Junior here at Fredonia with a major in Communications and Video Production.  Tala chose Fredonia because she loved the small size, friendly atmosphere, and the beautiful campus.  As president of RHA, Tala is excited about all of the connections she is able to make and to watch the growth of the people involved.  "Helping the school is always a fun time."  A fun fact about Tala is that she is afraid of Santa Claus.  Tala's favorite quote is:  "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take - Wayne Gretzky" - Michael Scott.  Reach out to Tala at!



Vice President - Inderdeep Singh Bajwa

RHA's VP Inderdeep is a Freshman studying Computer Science.  Inderdeepp chose to come to Fredonia because of its pleasant environment, good people, and professors that are always willing to help.  Inderdeep is excited to make contributions towards campus-wide programming, Hall Council development, and students advocacy within the residence halls.  Inderdeep loves gardening and his favorite quote is, "Win the mind, thus win the world."  Reach out to Inderdeep at!


Secretary - Maddie Pelkey

Freshman Maddie Pelkey will be serving as RHA's Secretary!  Maddie chose Fredonia for its awesome music program and pretty campus.  She is a Music Education major with a concentration in voice.  She loves making balloon animals and her favorite quote is, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consesnt" - Eleanor Roosevelt.  Reach out to Maddie at!


Treasurer - Jake Traverse

Jake is serving as RHA's treasurer!  He is a Freshman studying Biology and Pyschology and has two awesome dogs, Blue (a bluetick-healer beagle mix) and Lilly (a black lab.)  Jake chose Fredonia for a number of reasons.  What was most important to him in choosing a school was that it looked nice.  He wanted to be able to enjoy being on campus and be able to spend time outisde, and Fredonia's campus is gorgeous!  He also chose Fredonia because of its amazing science facilities and the faculty.  Jake is excited about being a part of an organization that provides fun opportunies for the students on campus, but also acts to voice any concerns or problems that they have to the administration.  Reach out to Jake at!


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