University Village Fall 2024 Information

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UPDATE AS OF 4/5/2024: Townhouse Applications are closed for Fall 2024.

  1. If you will have 30+ credits by Fall 2024, you can apply!
    1. Due to high demand, you MUST have 30 credits or more in order to be eligible. No exceptions.
  2. Applications will be available on March 7th via MyHousing
  3. To get access to the application, please pay your $100 townhouse deposit via YourConnection or Student Accounts.  24 hours after your deposit is paid, you will have access to the Townhouse Application on your MyHousing page! 
  4. Deposits are due April 1st.
  5. Applications are due April 2nd.
    1. Fill out both the townhouse application AND the room selection application (this application should be completed AFTER you roommate match) so that you have a back-up plan! If you do the application first, you will need to ask us to delete it and then roommate match.
  6. Roommate matching will occur from March 7th - April 2nd.
  7. Start times and instructions for room selection will be emailed on April 4th.
  8. Online room selection will be on April 5th.
    1. There are limited spaces in the townhouses, full groups of four will have priority during room selection.

For Fall 2024, you will be going through the roommate matching process to create your group of 4. Please review the website for basic instructions on how to complete the process, but please note that you will be selecting 3 other "roommates" for the townhouse process.

This process will run from March 7th - April 2nd

PLEASE NOTE: Please do roommate matching PRIOR to completing the Room Selection Application. If you need help with the process, please email for assistance.

The Room Selection process for the townhouses will be held on April 5th!

Instructions and start times will be emailed on April 4th.

Please note: You MUST have a group of 4 people to be eligible for this process. There are a very limited number of townhouses so please make sure that you have a back-up plan!

1 Floor Townhouse

Living Room: 314 sq/ft

Kitchen: 119 sq/ft

Bedrooms: 100 sq/ft

Deck: 100 sq/ft

One story townhouse floor plan

2 Floor Townhouse

Living Room: 287 sq/ft

Kitchen: 137 sq/ft

Bedrooms: 100 sq/ft

Deck: 140 sq/ft

Two story townhouse floor plan

3 Floor Townhouse

Living Room: 227 sq/ft

Kitchen: 125 sq/ft

Bedrooms: 100 sq/ft

Deck: 80 sq/ft

Three story townhouse floor plan

Image of living room in a three story townhouse unit

  • The off-campus experience with the safety and conveniences of living on-campus
  • Full size bed, dresser, desk and chair in private bedroom. There are four bedrooms per townhouse.
  • Each townhouse includes a couch and two chairs in the living room, and a kitchen table or counter top with 4 kitchen chairs or stools
  • High-speed internet, WiFi, digital cable, and ResNet support
  • Central heating, air conditioning and University Facilities support
  • A washer and dryer included in each townhouse
  • Two full bathrooms

Image of University Village townhouses from outside

  • Community building with fireplace
  • Dedicated Townhouse parking
  • Basketball Court on-site
  • LEED Gold Certified
  • Meeting Rooms free to reserve, meeting and event rooms are located on the second floor of the Village Center
  • Mail room located in Village Center for standard mail (no package delivery)
  • Full townhouse access for the entire lease, including breaks
  • Semester and summer options
  • University Facilities support
  • Community Director

Fall 2024 applications will be available on March 7th!
Limited availability!

Eligible Upperclassmen and Graduate Students

  • You must have 30 credits before the start of Fall 2024
  • $5,150 per semester, including all utilities and services

Please see various appliance use and care guides.

Please see the Townhouse Handbook (PDF).

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