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First Year Housing Options

Below you will find some living options for students who are new to Fredonia for the Fall 2019 semester. If any of these options interests you, please indicate as such on the housing application. You should select the building listed as your first preference.

Gender Inclusive housing provides a living environment welcoming to all gender identities and is not limited by the traditional gender binary. This environment allows for same-gender, opposite-gender, agender or other-gender identities to live as roommates regardless of gender assigned at birth in a platonic environment in which they feel safe and supported; it is not intended for romantic cohabitation. The bathroom will have no gender designation and will be shared by all members of this community.

It is the individual student’s choice to communicate with parents or family members about the decision to live in a gender neutral housing environment. The Office of Residence Life encourages this conversation between parents or family members about this housing choice so that there is a mutual understanding of the living environment.

If you are interested in Gender Inclusive Housing, please return the Gender Inclusive Agreement Form to our office in Gregory Hall or via e-mail.

First Year Students:  Grissom Hall
Transfer Students:  Schulz Hall

Are you a student who was accepted into the Honors Program for Fall 2019? If so, you are eligible to live in the Honors House! The Honors House at Fredonia exists to expand the classroom experience by integrating learning through campus and community engagement. Students will have opportunities to be in an environment with other students who like academic challenges and to enrich their learning through special programs with faculty and staff, visiting speakers, cultural activities and events, service projects, and shared meals.

At some schools, transfer students can feel forgotten about. We know that, though you are transitioning to a new place just like first-year students, your needs as a transfer student are far different from those of a first-year student. Transfer House in Igoe Hall welcomes all transfer students. If you want to live with transfer students like yourself and would be interested in participating in programs and activities that are specifically designed for transfer students, look no further than Transfer House!

Learning Objectives | Skilled: Students will learn how to navigate the Fredonia campus, developing an understanding of what resources are available at Fredonia and which can be most useful to them. Connected: Students will nurture connections and friendships with those who live around them, forming a support network which could benefit them for as long as they stay at Fredonia. Connected: Students will develop a partnership with the Fredonia Office of Admissions, assisting in the creation of materials designed to help in the recruitment of transfer students. Creative: Students will develop a service or resource which will better serve transfer students at Fredonia (e.g., transfer student mentor program, transfer student newsletter, transfer student roommate social, etc.). Responsible: Students will develop a plan to graduate in whatever timeframe seems reasonable to them with the help of their academic advisors (this will involve mapping courses and internships which they will need in future semesters), as well as a plan for after graduation with the help of staff members in the Career Development Office.

What is FYRE?  The First Year Residential Experience (FYRE) program promotes student learning and assists first-year resident students with their transition from high school to college.  Students who attend FYRE events will be connected to beneficial campus resources and be given the tools to succeed at Fredonia.  This committee will meet to discuss and implement programs and activities that support first-year students through their development.  The committee will work collaboratively with the New Student and Transitions Office, Academic Advising, and other appropriate departments as needed.











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