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Room Selection

It is almost time to select your residence hall and room for the Fall 2024 semester. Please keep in mind that the Room Selection Process is very fluid. If you are unable to select a room to your liking, there will be opportunities AFTER the process is over to request room changes. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

2024-2025 Room Selection Information 

Fill out the Online Application March 7th - April 2nd

Pay Your Housing Deposit March 7th - April 2nd

Roommate Matching March 7th - April 2nd

Online Room Selection begins on April 5th

Room Change Period: June 3rd - June 14th (More information will be sent out after room selection. You will be responsible for changing your room through this process.

Suite filling: we will not offer a manual suite filling processes, however, you can select up to 7 other roommates in the roommate matching process and try to find a suite during the room selection process in April.
This will limit what is available to you during room selection as it will only show you spaces with the correct number of spaces. If you are doing this, you will need to pay close attention to room types while making your selection - you may need to edit your roommates (add or delete) during room selection to find a room that suits you.

Important information:  Reminder that all students within their first two years post high school are required to live on campus.  Students should be aware that the university reserves the right to change lifestyles, change room assignments, consolidate rooms and close halls if it appears occupancy requests fail to fully utilize or exceeds the total number of spaces available.  If you are looking for exemption from this policy, please review our procedures.  

Students choosing a room without a roommate will be consolidated to our best ability before final room assignments are posted.

Additional Documentation due April 2nd
     *notification of assignment, if applicable, will be emailed by April 11th.

Please note that there will be no manual kitchen suite or complete suite processes this year. Both will be available during the room selection process.

Please visit our townhouse website for information on how to apply! We highly recommend that you complete both the townhouse application and the returning student application. You will only have to pay the townhouse deposit.


Alumni Hall - corridor style, co-ed

Disney Hall - suite style (both standard and kitchen), co-ed 

Eisenhower Hall - suite style (both standard and kitchen), co-ed 

Gregory - corridor style, independent living, co-ed

Grissom Hall - suite style, only first floor standard doubles will be available. If you are a current Honors student, please reach out to the Grissom Hall staff for more information.

Kasling Hall - suite style, only first floor standard doubles will be available.

McGinnies Hall - corridor style, co-ed

University Commons - independent living, co-ed.

University Townhouses - townhouses, independent living, separate application and process.

We have a limited number of single rooms available. During the room selection process you will search for standard single rooms and then you can select any that are available. If by the time you select a room, nothing is showing up - that means that the rooms are all gone. We will have a room change process in June; all changes must go through this process.

If you need a medical accommodation, please review our policy. Requests must be submitted to the Office of Disability Support Services by April 2nd. If you currently have a medical accommodation, you will still need to submit that paperwork to DSS, these requests do not roll over.


If you decide not to return to university housing, you may obtain a refund of your housing deposit.  All refunds must be requested in writing to Residence Life by July 1st, or within 30 days of acceptance, whichever is later.   

Deadlines are at 4:30 pm unless otherwise noted. If you have are unable to access your application or are having issues with roommate matching, please e-mail Residence Life PRIOR TO APRIL 2, 2024.  After April 2nd we are unable to give you access to your room selection process until April 22nd.

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