Residence Hall lobby

RA of the Month

Ronny Nissen
Schulz Hall
April 2019

RA of the Month

Ronny Nissen has been named “Resident Assistant of the Month” for the month of April. This is Ronny’s third semester as a Resident Assistant in Schulz Hall. Ronny is an Adolescent Earth Science Education major who is involved with several clubs including Geology Club and S.T.E.P.S. Ronny is also serving on the professional RD search committee.

Ronny was nominated by his supervisor, Pilar Nelson who wrote: “Ronny definitely embodies the ideal Fredonia student. He is ‘skilled, creative, connected, and responsible’. Ronny is well known within Schulz Hall and on campus. Schulz residents love Ronny. In fact, his suite mates decorated their suite with pictures of him -- in honor of their admiration and respect towards Ronny (it was amazing!).” Pilar also commented on the relationships that Ronny has built with the other RAs and cleaning staff in Schulz, all of whom have a great respect and appreciation for Ronny.

In addition to creating relationships with his residents and the people he works with, Ronny has excelled in programming with programs like “Drag Me Down: A Lesson in Drag Culture” and “Small Business Saturday”, and with bulletin boards, even creating some 3-D boards. Ronny understands the importance of building relationships and community within the residents halls and the numerous ways of doing so. To sum it all up, Pilar writes, “I truly believe that he is more than deserving of this recognition. Ronny is very genuine, has a huge heart, and takes so much pride and honor in being a Resident Assistant.“  Nominated by: Pilar Nelson





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