Counselor in Residence

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Miranda Shelanskey

Miranda Shelanskey, LCSW

Miranda has been working in the outpatient mental health setting for the past 3.5 years with Horizon Health services in Buffalo. She has training in managing high risk patients and has significant experience with group work. Additionally she has a passion for creative healing and mindfulness practice. She loves to learn and is always looking to learn new things.

What is the Counselor in Residence?  The Counselor in Residence (CIR) offers residence hall students support in accessing the Counseling Center, off campus mental health treatment, and provides assistance in accessing a variety of support on and off campus.  Additionally the CIR provides consultation and training for Residence Life staff to better support the students living in the residence halls.

Role of the Counselor in Residence

  • Provide case management to students in the residence halls
  • Assist in accessing support services both on and off campus
  • Coordinate wellness programming and group opportunities in the halls
  • Provide education and consultation for Residence Hall staff
  • Conducting wellness check on residents whom have reported concerns
  • Provides appointments and follow up for students with ESAs.



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