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Returning Student Roommate Matching

Roommate Matching

Returning Students:  There will be a roommate matching period from March 7th until April 2nd.  All requests must be mutual.  If you are having issues finding your intended roommate or want to double check that your request is mutual, please contact before April 2nd.  

All roommate requests MUST be mutual.  You can only select ONE roommate during this process.

Under MyHousing you can also fill out a Roommate Profile under Personal Information. This will allow other students to view any information you wish to share. This is optional.

If your roommate request says MATCHES, then you do not need to do anything further as your roommate match is mutual and matched.  Please make sure you have a conversation with your intended roommate about which room selection process/building you are trying to get into.

*Please note, if you are applying to the townhouses, you will have to select 3 other people in the roommate matching process.

Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Log into your MyHousing page
  2. Select Room Selection --> Roommates/Suitemates
  3. Select the upcoming term (Fall 2024)
  4. Search for your roommate using Last Name and First Name.
    1. If you cannot find your roommate, try searching by Last Name ONLY!
    2. If you are interested in Gender Inclusive Housing, you will complete the Gender Inclusive Housing form instead of roommate matching.
  5. Select the appropriate roommate and continue.
    1. Returning Student Room Selection applicants will be able to select up to 7 "roommates" - this will limit your options during selection, but you can remove and add roommates as needed during your selection time in April.
    2. Townhouse Student Room Selection applications will be able to select 3 other "roommates."
  6. Remind your roommate that they need to confirm your request!

Students should be aware that the university reserves the right to change room assignments, consolidate rooms and close halls if it appears occupancy requests fail to fully utilize or exceeds the total number of spaces available.

If you are looking to room with an incoming first year student, please email for further instructions.

  • Can I have a single room?
    • We will have a limited number of single rooms available.  It is your responsibility to make sure you have selected a single room during room selection if that is your preference and if there are any available.  If you cannot find a single room in the building of your choice, that means that single rooms are gone in that building. 
    • If you need a single room for a medical purpose, you need to contact the Office of Disability Support Services prior to April 2nd.
    • If you do not select a roommate during roommate matching and select a double room during room selection, then any student can place themselves into that room.  If no one picks during the room selection time periods, then the Office of Residence Life will assign students to that space prior to move-in weekend.  If you have selected a double room, then you will be billed for a double room and given a roommate without prior notice.  Roommate assignments will be sent out by July 26th via Fredonia e-mail.  You cannot request that space as a single room after a roommate has been assigned.
  • What if I cannot find my roommate's name in the roommate matching search?
    • Make sure that you are putting the last name in the correct field and that it is spelled correctly.  Make sure that your roommate has completed the application.  If those two steps don't work, try searching LAST NAME ONLY.
    • Do not search for your roommate using the e-mail field.
    • The less fields you enter during your search, the more results you will find.  
    • If you are searching for someone of a different gender identity, please complete the Gender Inclusive Agreement form instead of roommate matching.
  • Can I request to fill a suite?
    • Unfortunately we will not be allowing suite filling this year.
  • What if I want to live with a new student?
    • Please e-mail Residence Life with the new student's name by April 2nd.  The new student should also e-mail us prior to April 2nd with this request so that we know it is mutual.  We will give you further instructions at that time.  If you are requesting to live with a first year student, we will place you into a first year building.
  • Can I request a roommate if they have not done the housing application?
    • No, you cannot. You can only request a roommate that has completed the application by the deadline date of April 2nd. If you do the application late, you will not be able to select a roommate during this process.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Residence Life at 716-673-3341 or Residence Life. If you have more questions, please review our Frequently Asked Questions.


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