Residence Hall lobby

Little Free Libraries

Established in 2014 by the Office of Residence Life, Little Free Libraries can be found Alumni, McGinnies, Hemingway and University Commons.

The Little Free Library movement offers a way to share good things to read.  These libraries are a "take a book, return a book" gathering place, also known as a community book exchange.  Students are welcome to share their favorite stories, and hopefully find a new favorite!

Whose library is this?  It belongs to everybody!  Anyone with access can use these libraries, that's why we want to take good care of them!

Take a book.  If you see something you like, take it.  Share it.  Return to any Little Free Library or pass it on to a friend...or keep it!  Give books.  Leave notes in them.  Be a friend of all libraries by helping any way you can.

The mission of the Office of Residence Life is to foster an atmosphere that supports co-curricular programming.  By providing Little Free Libraries in our residence halls, we are creating opportunities for literacy awareness and community living.

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