Kraus/Fredonia Conversations in Discipline Award


The Kraus/Fredonia Conversations in the Disciplines Award is named after Jon Kraus, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at State University of New York at Fredonia. He received several honors and awards during his career in Fredonia including conversations in the discipline awards. He and his wife have established the Jon/Wilma endowment and initiated the Kraus/Fredonia Conversations in the Disciplines award in the year 2020. This award will be given once every two years and it would permit members of the faculty to finance a “Conversation in the discipline” on a subject selected by the applicant(s) whose major purpose is to animate intellectual discussions between Fredonia faculty and scholars in the same fields or areas of research elsewhere. The proposers select a major subject and invite focused papers and talks from professors pursuing similar research and writing at other campuses. The discussion will be held in a seminar format, with extended discussions on papers presented. This grant is not intended to finance public speakers. 

Nomination Procedure

All faculty members from Social Sciences, History, Computer Science, and the Natural Sciences are eligible to apply. The selection committee’s judgment will be based on scholarly and/or creative excellence and importance of the subject to be discussed.
* Please Note: To apply contact Dawn Eckenrode in the PDC to set up a Google Sites e-dossier. Google Sites is an easy-to-use platform that allows you to link to and submit your documents electronically. If applicable, separate recommendation or reference letters supporting the proposed seminar should be sent to: the Kasling Committee, c/o Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. 
The application cover letters should refer to the criteria used to establish the scholarly qualities of the proposed seminar. All applications should include the following:
1. A Curriculum Vitae detailing the scholarly profile of each applicant
2. A cover letter. The letter should include
   a. importance and timeline of subject matter
   b. major topics to be discussed
   c. list of scholars who have been contacted and may be willing to participate, with references to their research/writing on the Conversation topic
  d. plans for advertising the conference to potential attendees from northeast region including emails, website and mailings
  e. a budget with clear demarcation of cost of travel for outside participants including the cost of overnight accommodations, meals etc. Please note the grant cannot be used to pay honoraria to participants.
3. Supporting letters from at least two outside scholars who are committed to participating and presenting in the proposed seminar
4. Two or three examples of scholarly and/or creative work, or one body/series of work, including preferably, the most outstanding work and most recent work in the area in which the conversation would be focused. It is not required that the example work is authored by the applicant(s).

The winner(s) of the award will be notified during spring semester and so will have until the next spring semester to prepare for the seminar. The winner(s) would submit a report on the seminar three months after the seminar is held. 

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