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There are 14 Residence Halls conveniently located for students to choose from.

For new first year students, we have three single sex buildings: (Alumni (female/corridor), Chautauqua (male/corridor), and Kasling (female/suite). We also have three co-ed buildings for first-year students, Grissom (Living Learning Community/suite), Hemingway (Honors House/suite), and Nixon (corridor).

Upperclass students have the opportunity to choose from coeducational buildings including: Disney (suite/kitchen suite), Eisenhower (suite/kitchen suite), Gregory (corridor, independent living), Hemingway (suite), Hendrix (suite), Igoe (suite), McGinnies (corridor), Schulz (suite), University Commons (independent living), and University Village (townhouses).

The main benefit of living in a residence hall is convenience. Living right on campus, in the middle of everything, is the best and fastest way to become a part of Fredonia. What could be more convenient than living right across from an eight o'clock class? Reed Library is a short walk from anywhere on campus, as are nightly activities in the Williams Center. On select nights, you are right in the middle of Blue Devil Basketball, Hockey, and other events.

The Residence Life staff is dedicated to providing essential services for resident students and fostering an environment that promotes personal and community development. We look forward to everyone's participation and good citizenship.


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